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geography project 4-13-10 7th period

Rachel McCain

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Switzerland

7th period LOCATION: 46° 57" North
7° 26" East
Bordered to:
Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein. http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/country/ch/ The oldest traces of hominid existence in Switzerland date back about 150,000 years. The oldest known farming settlements in Switzerland, which were found at Gächlingen, have been dated to around 5300 BC. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland#History History --> Switzerland The highest precipitation receives Rochers de Nave, a mountain near Montreux with approximately 260 cm per year. <-- Climate!! ------------> ghjhg ghg The average amount of sunshine per year is approximately 1700 hours. Some villages in the canton Valais claim that they get as much as 2300 hours of sunshine per year.

---> http://www.about.ch/geography/climate/index.html MY NAME IS RACHEL!!! & THAT IS MY PROJECT!!! --> Archeology shows that Stone Age hunters have been living in Switzerland already before the last Ice Age (approximately 350'000 B.C.). --> <---- Switzerland's official latin name "Confoederatio Helvetica" goes back to a Celtic tribe called the Helvetians. -----> ---------------> Switzerland was officially accepted as an independent nation by its neighbours in the 1648 European peace treaty.
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