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Charles Dickens LAter and Person life

No description

Kristen Teehee

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Charles Dickens LAter and Person life

Charles Dickens Personal
Life and Later Years By Aavra G and
Kristen Teehee His Love and Family Life His Death How he died.. R.I.P. Charles Dickens What People thought of him.. His Love and Family life.. His Love and family life.. His Love and family life.. His love and family life.. How he became a writer.. How he became a writer.. How he became a writer.. How he became a writer He started to write Pickwick papers and it did really well. 40,000 thousand copies a month which was incredibly good.
He was then invited to America on a lecture tour. People crowded his hotel lobby and the outside streets hoping to see him.
He then started writing novels soon there after. One of his first books was Oliver Twist. His Very first love was Maria, but she left him because her father said she could marry richer.
After he got over her, he met Catherine Hogarth, who he then married and she became pregnant.
They had 10 Children They all moved to London because of how well his paper was doing and Cathrine's sister Gorgina even moved in with them to help take care of all the kids.

Charles opened up his mail and got a letter from Maria! (the one who left him) and she wanted to come visit, but Charles said no. Charles Dickens thought that their marriage was a absolute disaster, but he stayed with her for a little bit longer because of the kids.
He was Also worried that if he did stay married, that his creativeness would go to waste. He was hiring people for a play and he then met Ellen Ternan, a 19 year old actress and he fell in love with her after getting to know her. And he was 45, by the way.
He got a divorce from Cathrine, and the kids were left with her sister.
Later in life, Charles found out that Ellen said she hated the old mans touch.. Poor Charles! One early morning on June 8th, 1870, he had a stroke while finishing a half-way point in a book.
He never regained consciousness at the hospital, and the next day, June 9th, passed away at Gads Hill Place. He was buried in Abbey, Dean Arthur Penrhyn Stanley graveyard
A lot of people/ fans of his work were crushed by his death. People and Publishers say that he was pushed by demons and that the demons are what made him who he was and what made him such a good writer.
People also say that he was a unhappy man, and if he was happy, he could have been one of the greatest writers in the world.
Even after his death, there were many that followed Dickens writing style and he still lives on as one of the most respected authors of all time. He first wanted to become an actor and roamed the streets at night looking for theaters, this did not work out to well for him.
He then met his first love, Maria, and she left him :( After this he started sketching to try and help his sadness.
A publisher/ writer approached him and asked him to start writing Pickwick papers, based off one of his sketches Charles Culliford Boz Dickens
Mary Angela Dickens
Kate Macready Dickens
Walter Landor Dickens
Francis Jeffrey Dickens
Alfred D'Orsay Tennyson Dickens
Sydney Smith Haldimand Dickens
(Sir) Henry Fielding Dickens
Dora Annie Dickens
Edward Dickens (Maria Beadnell) (Writer at Work: Charles Dickens) (The Garden Theatre
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Historical Society) (Grolier Online) (Charles Dickens Documentary) (Pickwick Papers) (Oliver Twist) (Dickens Lecture Tour) (Celebrate Charles Dickens's
Birthday at a Dramatic Public Reading) Because he was doing so good with Pickwick Papers, he bought the little red house that he always wanted, but it didn't satisfy him. So he threw himself into editing magazines and books

He thought that writing drained his energy, so he had public readings which made him a lot of money.

By then Dickens had become one of the most popular writers known. (old red colonial house up on hill) (Grolier Online) (Charles Dickens) (Student Research Center) (Charles Dickens Documentary) (Grolier Online) (Charles Dickens
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