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North Africa

No description

Victoria Anorve

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of North Africa

North Africa
By Victoria Traditional People Goverment Physical Geography Population Culture Visit ? Most people of the maghreb live near the coast becaues the
atlas mountains block the path of moisture bearing winds moving
inland from the atlantic and mediterrenadn. Algeria , Egypt , Libya , Morocco ,Tunrsia . Locatoin :it is a North Africa and it is borderd
in Atlantic Oceans. Have a lot of deserts name: Sahara , Libyan Climate: Tropical rain forest , Tropcial
Savanna , Mediterranean , Humid Subtropical ,
Marine West Coast Steppe , Desert , Unifferentiated
Highland . Today Rural villager no longer make up the majority
of the population. Today most people live in cities. Some desert nomads have become Trucks , the modern
-day cameldivers. North Africa nation wom freedom from Eurpean rule
in the 1950's and 1960's .
Most people live where the climate is milder and water is available . The mountain have slightly more people thanthe desert becaues highland areas
have reliable though seasonal, rainfall. Rural families leave thier village becaues their population in the rural areas is growing much faster than the
availability of land. I do not want to visit because you have to take care of your - self .It is not easy it is sound hard becaues you have you feed and give water to the animals.
Women are add to the family in come by weaving
blankets and carpets.
And from towns people ,they have to buy tea ,
suger clothes becaues if they don't they can't
keep themself alive.
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