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Creative Writing

Fall 2010 Syllabus

Christie Rushenberg

on 6 January 2011

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Transcript of Creative Writing

Welcome to
Creative Writing Teacher
Information Language Arts Teacher
Classroom 2158
English 10
Honors English 10
Creative Writing Writer's Club
Forensics Course
Information Creative Writing is a semester long, advanced writing course for students who enjoy writing and want to improve their composition skills.

You will be required to write and read daily.

You will maintain a writer’s notebook where you will experiment with a variety of writing genre:
*short stories
*script writing

Creative writers are, by nature, readers; therefore, you will read and analyze short stories, novels, and poetry as guides to develop your own writing.

You will be required to share your writing in small groups and with the class. Description Miss Rushenberg Course
Content Classroom
Expectations Texts Standards,
& Outcomes Teaching
Style Materials Units of Study One Rule Projects &
Activities Grading
Scale Extra
Credit 1 = 100% - 93%
2 = 92% - 85%
3 = 84% - 77%
4 = 76% - 69%
5 = 68% - 0%
Limit two per quarter
10 points per performance

Limit two per quarter
10 points per novel

Vocabulary Words
Limit 10 per quarter
1 point per example Choice
Novel +1 Reading

Writing Process
and Structure


Multiple Literacies Student and Teacher Centered

Large and Small Group Discussions
Audio/Visual Presentations
Personal Reflection
Dynamic Activities

Vocabulary Writer's
Notebook Independent
Reading Compositions Writer's
Portfolio 21st Century
Skills Discipline
Plan Grading Beginning & End of Class Attention
Getter Classroom
Care Restroom
Passes Discussions & Engagement Negative
Consequences Positive
Consequences You are responsible
for your own behavior. Process-Based
Personal Responsibility Assignments Late Work Time-Sensitive
Assignments Revising Final
Compositions Make-Up
Work Failure to do so:
Late Work Contract
60% Credit Turn in Work on Time. Oral Assignments

Failure to do so: Grade of "Zero" Turn Them in the Day They are Due Compositions may be revised for full credit within one week of receiving the returned assignment. Absences happen.
Check with me or a classmate.
2 Days
Missed Tests and Quizzes: 5 School Days
Failure to do so: Grade of “Zero” Beginning End Raise Your Hand
Be Respectful

No Side Conversations

Don't Work on
Other Homework Digital Literacy
& Technology Class Website
http://www.turnitin.com First Offense:
Grade of "Zero"
Parent Contact
Office Referral
Second Offense:
School suspension or expulsion
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