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DataFlyte Website

No description

Matthew Dischner

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of DataFlyte Website

DataFlyte Website

Customer & Representative Portals

Customer Portal

Customers will login by selecting "Utility Portal" on the homepage of the DataFlyte.us website. This is for utility employees and pilots.
Customer Portal Continued
The Utility Login will redirect to a simple login screen at DataFlyte.net, requesting a Username and Password
Usernames will be per individual, not per utility.
Passwords must me a minimum of 9 characters and must contain one number, and one non-alphanumeric character.
Passwords will expire every 365 days.
Password and Username reset options will be available
If this is the User's initial login, they will be directed to the Terms and Conditions.
Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions page will be seen under 2 circumstances:
It is the user's initial login
The Terms and Conditions have changed
If neither of these criteria are met, the user will go directly to their Welcome Screen.
Welcome Screen
The welcome screen will contain personalized information tailored to that specific user, and also contain important information from DataFlyte. The information will be based on several factors:
The Utility the user represents
Geographic location (For weather advisories)
Date of last upload
Upcoming Holidays
From here, the user will have the option "Continue to Data Hanger".
Data Hanger
The Data Hanger is where the user will download, upload, and view historic meter reading data (up to 24 months).
The interface will be that of a simple file directory where users select what they want to do based on a tree structure of dated folders.
Each Utility will have it's own directory, but may be accessible by any user in that Utility group.

Audit Trail
Because we deal with sensitive information, we must keep tabs on user's online activity.
We will track the following:
When a user uploads a file, it will alert DataFlyte HQ to the activity.
When DataFlyte uploads a completed billing file, it will alert all the users in a Utility group that their file is ready.
When a user downloads a completed billing file, it will alert DataFlyte HQ that the file has been received by a specific user at “x” date and time.
Representative Portal
Representatives will login by selecting "Representative Portal" on the DataFlyte.us Homepage.
Welcome Screen
DataFlyte Representatives will also need to accept Term and Conditions, and will have the same dashboard scheme as a utility employee or pilot.
A Representative's dashboard will still have the same options as a utlity employee or pilot, but with a few additional options such as:
Sales Forecasting
Literature and Presentations
Sales specific information
Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
Because we deal with PII, and customers in different timezones, our servers must be secure and accessible. We achieve this by emplementing the following:
Physical and Electrical Port Security
Locks and Surveillance
Uninterrupted Power Supplies
Direct Network Routing
File Back-Ups (6 months of data)
Hard Drive Mirroring
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