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Sheel Prajapati

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Monera

What is it? Monera is one of 5 kingdoms They are composed of only one cell and so they are called uni-cellular organisms. They are also known as microorganisms and can only be seen under a microscope. There are many types of Monera. They can be classified into two groups. Here are some types of Monera: Monera is everywhere. It is in the air, soil, water, in you and on you. It is also in things like animals and plants. Usually, it is in a bacterial form which can sometimes cause diseases or other types of illnesses. Where is it found? What does it eat? Monera usually produces their own food. They produce carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nuclear acid using some chemical compounds. It's everywhere!! Monera are classified into two groups - autotrophs and heterotrophs. Autotrophs can create their own food. Heterotrophs cannot create their own food, so they rely on autotrophs for their food. Monera The Monera Cell The Monera kingdom is the only kingdom that has Prokaryotic cells. The Monerans reproduce by splitting up into two. Here is a diagram: Bacteria? The most common form of Monera is bacteria. The cells in bacteria has a lipid membrane and it needs nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, inorganic salts, and other micro-nutrients. THANKS FOR LISTENING AND HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE PREZI!!
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