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Myths and legends of earthquakes
It starts with the Great Spirit wanting to craft landforms on top of his planet of water. He got six turtles which he told them to stand very still so he could begin building on top of them. Soon, the earth was done. One day the turtles began arguing over each other. Three of them wanted to swim west whereas the other three wanted to swim east. When they tried to go their separate ways, the earth cracked and the turtles had to stop because their load was too heavy. The six made up, but every once in awhile, they quarrel again and the earth shakes.
The Vashakmen
This unique story comes from Central America. It was believed that the earth was a square and held up at the corners by four gods named Vashakmen. When they look in on the earth and think that it is too over populated, they tip the earth to get rid of extra people and the earth shakes.
The Catfish
In Japan, a giant catfish lived beneath the Earth’s surface, it was thrashing about and was responsible for causing earthquakes. Usually, the fish was pinned down by a huge boulder, but when the gods go away in October for a holiday, he could get loose and cause a disaster. When the gods come back, their leader carries a big rock to hold the catfish down again if it gets loose.
the seven serpents
The People Inside the Earth
The Fish And The Cow
In East Africa, a fish carries a stone on its back and a cow stands on the stone, balancing the Earth on one of its horns. When the cow's neck starts hurting, she tosses the Earth to her other horn, starting the earthquake.
The Elephants, The Turtle And The Cobra
In India, four elephants held the Earth, a turtle holds the elephants and a cobra holds the turtle. If any of these creatures move, there will be an earthquake.





A legend originated from India includes seven serpents. These serpents share the task of guarding the seven sections of the lowest layer of heaven. Another task these serpents share, is holding up the earth. When they move to switch spots to take turns, the earth shakes. People on earth may feel a jolt.
The Seven Serpents
The Vashakmen holding up the Earth.
The six turtles and their little sister before Earth was built on top of them.
The people inside of Earth checking for life.
That's all folks!
A cow balancing the Earth on one of its horns.
A fish carrying the stone.
The four elephants holding the Earth, a turtle holding the elephants and a cobra holding all of them.
In the old times before earthquakes were studied and explained by seismologists, people thought that demons, animals, gods and many more were involved with the earthquakes. Every country were interested in these violent shaking that couldn't be solved. With this presentation, you will find out many old and fascinating legends and myths.
By Tsunamidestroyer and Hi - Polymer.
Another legend is from India. Every once in a while, they shake the earth to see if people are still living. When the children on the surface feel the shaking, they would shout "Alive, alive!" so the people inside the earth know they're there and stop the shaking.
Credits to:
Music :
Hi - Polymer and Tsunamidestroyer/ Yangxin/CREMESUSHI BUFFET.

Hi - Polymer and Tsunamidestroyer/ Yangxin/CREMESUSHI BUFFET.

Hi - Polymer.
Storytime with Hi - Polymer and Tsunamidestroyer!!!
Once upon a time...
It's time for...
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