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benifits of diesel

No description

James Strigle

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of benifits of diesel


Point number Two Environmentally friendly
Emits less carbon dioxide levels.
Low wasted heat in cooling.

Main characteristics:

unconventional arty

rebellious provocative
sexy - dirty - young
ironic&iconic energetic

creative hedonistic

C By Jimmy Strigle Are diesel engines better than gasoline engines? Many people consider diesels as noisy, smelly, and ineffecient, but such ideas are mostly based upon people's experiences with old diesel engines. Benefits to Diesel New diesel engines get better gas mileage, are environmentally friendly, safer, and reliable, and have many applications. Point Number One Save money in fuel economy. Diesels have higher fuel density compared to gas, which
means that more energy can be extracted for the same
volume of gas.
Higher kilowatt production creates 20-30 percent better fuel economy. Point Number Three More reliable
Fewer parts, so less can go wrong
Standard water cooled 1800 rpm;
diesel unit can run 12,000-30,000
without maintenance compared
to similar gas unit, which can only
run 6,000-10,000 hours.
Recommendation In the future of engines, diesel engines will become more of a player in vehicles, because of their overall fuel efficiency and the way they can operate with alternate fuels. Currently, they are the engine of choice for truckers and heavy equipment operators; however, they have the potential to support small cars and light-duty trucks.
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