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Endangered Animals in Africa

In social studies, me and my classmates learned about Afica. We were required to make a presentation about a topic we chose about Africa. I chose the topic endangered animals because of my love for them. Here is my presentation, hope you enjoy it :)

Lissa Nguyen

on 19 February 2011

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Transcript of Endangered Animals in Africa

Endangered Animals By Lissa N.
6th hour In social studies, my classmates and I, studied Africa and chose a topic we were to look deeper in to. We also had to do a presentation and present our topic to our classmates. The whole point of my presentation is to introduce you to some animals that are endangered, why they are endangered and tell you their population, if possible. Hope you enjoy it! Topic and point The Cheetah One of the many species of endangered species are the cheetahs. Cheetahs are regconized for being fast and agile. The reason cheetahs are endangered is because of high mortality from inbreeding. Another reason is due to the fact that cheetahs are preys to larger carnivores like lions and hyenas. About 12,500 cheetahs are still living in Africa today. http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=story_6-2-2005_pg9_2











http://www.hyaenidae.org/the-hyaenidae/striped-hyaenas-hyaena-hyanea.html The White Rhinocerous The white rhinocerous are large herbivores. They are hunted for thier horns. The northern white rhinos and the southern white rhinos are the white rhinos sub-species. The northern rhinos are on its ways toward being extinct, while the southern rhinos are being protected by the south african government. The black rhinos are endangered because of poaching. In Kenya, the population of black rhinos decreased from approximately 20,000 rhinos in the 1970's to about 500 rhinos in modern times. To protect the black rhinos, most were placed in saturaries and raised in essential captivity. The combined efforts of the Kenya Wildlife Service and Zoological Society of London, members of the species were ready to be released back into the wild. The Black Rhinocerous The Rhinocerous The Cuvier's Gazelle The Cuviers gazelle is one of the smallest gazelle species. They were hunted for their meat and skin in the first half of the 20th century. Another reason the Cuvier's gazelle is endangered is because of starvation from lack of food. Cuvier's gazelle are usually found in grassy areas in Atlas Mountains in small groups. Their population is less than 500. The African Elephant The african elephant are mainly hunted for their ivory (tusk) and sometimes, they are hunted for their meat. The two sub species of the african elephants survivng today are the african forest elephant and the african bush elephant.The african elephants population has drastically dropped from approximately 300,000 in 1970, to about 10,000 in 2006. Leopards Leopards are hunted for their fur and are poisoned. Leopards are found in sub Saharan countries and to the west of the Kalahari dessert. With natural habbits dwindling day-by-day, they hunt on livestock and it eventually becomes a routine for them. When it becomes a routine for them, farmers consider them as a treat to their property and poison them on occasions. A picture of a leopard A picture of cheetah cubs with their mother A picture of a black rhino A picture of a white rhino A picture of Cuvier's gazelle A picture of 2 baby elephants The Addax Addax is a member of the antelope family. The addax is able to suvive the rays of the dessert. Addaxes are a nocturnal animal (is able to see well in during the night time) and searches for grass during rainy seasons. The addaxes habbitate areas are northern Chad and north-eastern Nigeria. The main reason they are endangered is because they are hunted for their meat. Approximately 100 addaxes still live in the wild. A picture of an addax The African Wild Dog The african wild dog is known as the Cape Hunting Dog. African dogs are an average of 16 inches long. They hunt in packs and are merciless killers. They are able to hunt small animals like antelopes to wildebeests. One reason they are endangered is because farmers hunt them to save their livestock. A picture of the african dog The Ethiopian Wolf There has been only 1 species of wolves found so far and its the ethiopian wolf. The ethiopian wolf are found in sub Saharan areas. They weigh an average of 35-40 pounds. The ethiopian wolf primarily feed on small rodents. The reason for their decreasing population is because of the loss of natural habitat and diseases like distemper, rabies, etc. A picture of the ethiopian wolf The Striped Hyena The striped hyenas inhabit the savannas of east and north africa. They weigh between 60 to 110 pounds and are 3-4 feet long. Loss of habitat is the main reason they are endangered. Another reason is because their body parts can be used for all sorts of medication. A picture of a striped hyena
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