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Animal Adaptations of a KOALA

No description

mikaela blackwood

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Animal Adaptations of a KOALA

Animal Adaptations of a KOALA
by Mikaela Blackwood

The Koala is a marsupial mammal that is warm blooded and weighs between 9-33 pounds and can grow from 24-33 inches long.

The Koala's
Behavioral Adaptation of the Koala
The Koala's Claws
The Koalas live in tall gum or eucalyptus trees and use it for food and shelter. Male Koalas mark their trees by rubbing the scent of their bodies against the tree trunks to let other Koalas know that this is his tree. They don't travel in groups, they travel and eat alone.
Koalas use their strong thigh muscles to climb very tall trees. They use their thigh muscles to balance on the branches of these trees when they sleep, feed and also to protect themselves from their predators like the Owls, Eagles, pythons and dingos.
Survival Adaptations from Predators.
It has 5 strong claws, 2 are in the front and 3 are in the back. They use their claws and strong thigh muscles to grip trees as they climb. The Koala has NO TAIL.
The Koala has thick fur with thicker fur on their bottom that acts like a cushion for when they sit in the trees for long hours. They can sleep for up to 18 hours a day. For the rest of the day they are resting in the trees and eating. Their thick fur also helps to protect them during the cold weather.
Adaptation to their habitat: The Koala's fur.
The Koala is a herbivore that eats gum leaves and mostly eucalyptus leaves.
The female Koalas have a pouch to carry their babies or "joey" around. The pouches are at the bottom of their bodies and open outward instead of at the top like kangaroos. The joey stays in the pouch until they are 6 months old.
Koala and her Joey
Koalas are found in coastal areas of South Australia. Koalas live in the woodlands and forests of Australia. Australia has wet and dry seasons where the climates can be tropical like in Northern areas to cooler temperatures like in the Southern areas.
Location of the Koala
Special Adaptation so they can eat eucalyptus leaves
Eucalyptus leaves are poisonous to other animals but not to the Koala. The Koala can eat these poisonous leaves because they have an organ called caecum that removes the poison from their stomach. They don't have to drink water because the eucalyptus leaves has enough water to last them for a long time.
Thank You for watching and learning about the Koala.
Remember not to call the Koala a "Koala bear" because the Koala is not related to bears! :)
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