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The Red Pyramid by Katherine Xu

No description

Katherine Xu

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Red Pyramid by Katherine Xu

By Rick Riordian The Red Pyramid Family tree: Setting Ancient Egyptians were polytheistic, which means that they honored more than one god. In fact, they had many gods, like Horus, the protection god, Isis, the goddess of magic and healing, Osiris, the god of the underworld, and Thoth, the god of wisdom, just to name a few. Pharaohs, or Egyptian kings, were also treated like they were gods. The Egyptians believed that pharaohs would get another life in the afterlife. But only if the mummification god, Anubis, thought their soul was good enough.
An old legend in Ancient Egypt was that Set, the god of disorder, hides his brother, Osiris', body all over Egypt. Osiris' wife, Isis, tries to find her. Noticing that Isis found her husband, Set rips Osiris' body into a million pieces, and hides them all over Egypt. That is why there are many dedications to the god of the underworld, Osiris. Historical Background Vocabulary Themes Julius Kane Amos Kane Sadie Kane Calder Kane Muffin Ruby Kane Brother Married Pet cat Present-day Man vs. supernatural:

Carter and Sadie Kane try to save their father, who is acting as a host for the god Osiris. In an Egyptian legend, the god Set hides Osiris' body throughout Egypt. In this book, Set takes Osiris' body in a coffin into a red pyramid which he himself built. This way, he will never be able to come out. Man vs. supernatural:

While Carter and Sadie are at the family mansion and their Uncle Amos is away at Phoenix, serpopards (cat-serpent monsters) destroy the family mansion. 1. frail - easily broken or destroyed (p. 40)
2. padlock - a removable lock with a curved piece that snaps into a catch (p. 55)
3. hologram - a three dimensional image made by a complex pattern of light (p. 131)
4. impeccable - free from fault or blame (p. 149)
5. chasm - a deep cleft in the surface of the planet (p. 151)
6. primal - original (p. 270)
7. beige - a pale to grayish yellow (p. 273)
8. adamant - unbreakable (p. 351) Retold by Katherine Xu Figurative Language Simile-
A mass of scorpions had crawled up Bast's glowing legs and were wriggling into the hologram like it was gelatin. (p. 131) Simile-
My legs felt like they were turning into butter. (p. 209) Simile-
You look like a cow hit with a shovel. (p. 207) Carter and Sadie save their father and has a chance to meet both of their parents in the underworld. Carter and Sadie go to Set's red pyramid. Carter, who is hosting Horus, and Set battle. Meanwhile, Sadie, hosting for Isis, performs a spell in the Book of Overcoming Set and teleports the red pyramid into Washington D.C. But she soon realizes that Apophis, the chaos serpent, will be using the red pyramid to escape. Man vs. supernatural:

War between Set vs. Carter and Sadie Video Symbols Red = evil and chaos Gods = everything bad in life Black = good Carter Kane 14 yrs old boy
older brother of Sadie Kane
host for the Egyptian god Horus
battles Set
since 6 yrs old, home = suitcase
traveled with his father around the world Sadie Kane 12 yrs old girl
younger sister of Carter Kane
host for the Egyptian god Isis
ever since mom died, lived with grandparents Julius Kane father of Carter and Sadie
tried to "make things right" at the British Museum
exploded Rosetta Stone and blew up himself
married Ruby Kane
brother of Amos Kane
host for Osiris Ruby Kane married (wife) to Julius Kane
mother of Carter and Sadie
introduced to story as dead Amos Kane brother of Julius Kane
Carter and Sadie's uncle
leaves the story for a few chapters May the gods be with you! Thoth:
god of wisdom
usually seen as a baboon Isis:
goddess of magic
uses Sadie as a host Horus:
god of protection
son of Osiris and Isis
symbol = eye of Horus
uses Carter as a host Set:
god of evil, chaos, and disorder
brother of Osiris Osiris:
god of the underworld
father of Horus Bast:
goddess of cats
helps Carter and Sadie on their mission Other characters: House of Life-

wants Carter and Sadie dead
will soon be the new master of the House of Life
Egyptian magician
helps Carter and Sadie
Family gone Face of Horror
Set's servant Apophis:
chaos snake Doughboy:
master = Julius Kane
no feet (can't run off) Muffin Sadie's pet cat
given as a gift from her father
lived with her ever since
used as a host for Bast USA Egypt Eye of Horus = protection Paris, France Britain Exposition Carter and Sadie's father blows up the Rosetta Stone and himself as part of the "make things right" action. Uncle Amos take them to the family mansion in New York by a boat. Conflicts Climax Resolution Five major objects Good vs evil Carter and Sadie vs Set Evil will always be in the world Set is the god of chaos, disorder, and evil. Recommendation Summary Before reading this book, here is a brief summary of the book. Carter and Sadie travel around the world mostly using portals. Bast helps them by fighting off evil monsters that might block their way to success. Additionally, Zia help them when they meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She brings them to the House of Life, where they meet Iskandar and Desjardins. Zia "teaches" the two kids some dangerous magic. Later on, the gods help within Carter and Sadie. Horus helps Carter, meanwhile, Isis helps Sadie. They soon realize that the gods are using their ba when they sleep. To know the rest of this amazing story, you must read this book. The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is the first book of the Kane Chronicles series. It is a great book which deserves a five pyramids. This first book of the series has lots of suspense and excitement. It begins with Carter, age 14, and Sadie, age 12, going on a journey to save their father, Julius Kane, from the evil Egyptian god Set. They overcome many conflicts, but continues to rescue their father. I couldn't wait to see what happened next! I recommend it for ages ten and above. Summary And Recommendation
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