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Copy of Hallway Expectations

Hallway Expectations

Kellie Zeigler

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hallway Expectations

Be Ready
Be Responsible
Be Respectful 1. Follow Adult Directions
Positive Example- Listen to directions.
Negative Example- Not listening!
2. Walk hands by side, face forward..
Positive Example- Hands down and looking ahead
Negative Example- Touching your neighbor or the wall READY 1. Walk on the right side of the hallway.
Positive Example- Walking to the right in and out of line
Negative Example- Walking in the middle or all over the hallway
2. Go directly to your destination.
Positive Example- Go straight to where your teacher is expecting you to be.
Negative Example- Stop by Mrs. Q's room to visit before you go to your destination. RESPONSIBLE 1. Stay in your space.
Positve Example- Remain in your straight line and to yourself.
Negative Example- Get out of line.
2. Hands, Feet, and Objects to self
Positive Example- Hands to your side
Negative Example- Tapping or kicking the person in front of you
3. Silent in Line
Positive Example- Walking without talking to your friends
Negative Example- Laughing and visiting with your BFF Respectful
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