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What is Prezi?

No description

Edith Starbuck

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of What is Prezi?

Zooming User Interface (ZUI)
Zoom in and out or pan

Prezi Zebra What is Prezi? Cloud-based presentation software
Open canvas format
Add text, images and videos
Create own structure and path Features 3D backgrounds
Fade-in animations
Image smoothing More Features Boats of all sorts Present complex thoughts, narratives or other visual information
Presentation collaboration
Student presentations
e-learning Uses in Higher Education Data visualization
Process diagrams
Mapping tool
Collaborative design
Resumes and portfolios Additional Uses Try Me! Pros Zoomable canvas
Limitless space
Easy to add media
Variety of templates
Visually interesting
Reuse existing prezis Zoomable canvas - too much zoom?
Can be challenging to master zooming
Creating pathways can be tricky
No image editing
Need the internet to use it
Unable to create a link from an image or word. Cons http://prezi.com/arxujkihzilh/metalanguage/ Learning Outcomes Basic understanding of:
How to create a Prezi presentation
Looking at all the options
Using Prezi features
Adding text, images & video
Setting animation
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