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Simpsons Vs Flintstones

No description

Ayotunde Ayorinde

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Simpsons Vs Flintstones

Simpsons Vs Flintstones
The Simpsons
Lisa who is over achieving
Baby Maggie who is constantly sucking the pacifier
The family’s religious neighbour Ned Flanders, Moe the Bartender,
police chief Clancy Wiggum
The Simpsons can be described as a satire
(making serious issue a joke)
I rarely watch the Simpsons
Comparison of two TV cartoon series
The Simpsons and The Flintstones
Both centered on day to day family activities
Both are popular TV series


Ayotunde Ayorinde

Koninkelijk Atheneum Mariakerke

The Simpsons
About a dysfunctional family
Debut on 17 December, 1989
Set in the town of Springfield
Homer has a “buffoonish” character
Homer is a nuclear – plant employee
Often finds that they are the ones leading him
The Simpsons family includes blue haired Marge
Troublesome Bart and his best friend is
Milhouse Van Houten

The Flintstones
Betty and Barney adopted an unnaturally strong
son called Bamm-Bamm
The Flintstones portray the idea that dinosaurs
and humans occupied the Planet at the same time
Personally prefer the Flintstones to the Simpsons

The Flintstones
First broadcast was on 30 September, 1960
The Flintstones are a modern Stone Age family
Set in Bedrock
Fred Flintstones is the head of the family
Fred works in a quarry (where they break rocks)
Wife Wilma, daughter Pebbles
Neighbour Barney Rubble, wife named Betty

The two cartoons are similar (both men are loving husbands and fathers)
Both uses catchphrases (Homer- "D'oh" and Fred- "Yabba Dabba Doo")
Both are animated, prime-time American television sitcoms
Homer Simpsons and Fred Flintstones are portrayed as unintelligent men
The two cartoons are brightly coloured
They have both been made into movies
Fred and Homer have naked fear for their bosses Mr State and Mr Burns
Both Fred and Homer are accident prone
The Simpsons has been rated as the greatest television cartoon of all time
while the Flintstones is the second greatest
The sort of humour is a bit similar in both
The Simpsons is a satirical portrayal of a middle class American family
Comparison of TV cartoon series
Comparison of TV cartoon series
The Flintstones is about a working – class Stone Age man
Modern every day concerns in a Stone Age setting
The characters in the Simpsons are completely flat characters
There’s a bit of change in the Flintstones as Bamm- Bamm and Pebbles grow
The town of Springfield acts as a complete universe in which characters
explore the issues faced by modern society
New episodes of the Simpsons is still running
The Simpsons have referenced the Flintstones in several of its episodes
The Simpsons seems to be more for an adult audience

Both cartoons are
prime-time America sitcoms
They share many common elements
Thank you for listening
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