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Thailand project

By: Jillian and Haley

Jillian Snapp

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Thailand project

By: Jillian S. and Haley O. Thailand Facts Before we begin let's travel to Thailand! LOOK! We're here! :D Okay! Now let's introduce ourselves! I'm Jillian I'm Haley! I LOVE GUINEA PIGS! Please Enjoy! To make it look like we traveled here (And not teleported) We snuck in to make it look like we flew on a plane here! Now, what kind of things do we need to get in? Do we need a visa? Travel
Thailand We can check our travel book
we brought with us! A visa is only needed for 21 nations.
Some nations include Taiwan, China,
India, the Russian Federation,
and most of Eastern Europe. A
passport is required for 41
countries, which includes the U.S. Paper Work Needed to Enter Passport <(^_^)> Great! I have a passport! Let's go!!!!!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH! Aren't you concerned that some places are unsafe?! After all, we're only 12... Hmmm.... I guess so. We are soo bad! OMIGOD OMIGOD IS THAT
A LEOPARD PRINT SUITCASE?! Let's check our travel book to see if there are any safety concerns around here! Travel
Thailand Safety Concerns When you are in Thailand, or any other place, you should still take your regular precautions. Also, one place that is unsafe there is a town called Phuket. If you are there, or any place you are unsure about, take these precautions: Never take chances with locals you barely even know. Also, never go on back roads or alleys at night, especially with a local. They may know the city, but keep in mind, they also may know about ways to harm you. One important thing is to never flash money around. People could see this and attempt to get it from you. A good idea is to have copies of your passport, and put them in different places, incase they get stolen. Uhhmmmm we're kinda in a creepy place.... how far are we from home?! Distance from Atlanta to Thailand The approximate distance from
Atlanta, United States to
*Bangkok-Thailand is 9,130 miles,
or 14,690.17 kilometers. *Bangkok is Thailand's capitol. Hmm... well since we've learned the basics. Let's do something fun! Like..... SHOPPING! But wait! How are we gonna shop? What is Thailand's money? How much U.S. money, like $10.00, is equivalent to what amount of Thailand currency? Travel
Thailand Money in Thailand Money in Thailand is called Baht. 10.00 USD US Dollar + 308.10 THB Thai Baht. I think I have jet lag.. what
time is it back home? Hmm... oh I know this one! Uh.. well let's say that if it is noon back in Georgia, it is 11p.m. in Thailand! Oh, we don't have an independence day. But I do know that we joined the United Nations on December 16, of the year 1946 Excuse me sir, but does Thailand have an independence day? Now, let's learn a little more about Thailand's history! Some Thailand Facts Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy is when a king or queen shares power with a government formed by the constitution. Bhumibol Adulyadej is king, who has reigned since 1946. King Bhumibol is the world's longest-serving head of state. Also, Thailand's current Prime Minister is Yingluck Shinawatra, who assumed office as the first ever female in that role on August 5, 2011. Hello I am Thailand's National fruit the Mango.
Did you know that Thailand is larger than twice the size of Wyoming? I sure didn't! Here we are at Doi Inthanon,
The highest point in thailand.
Isn't it beautiful?
It has a whopping elevation of
2565 meters! More thailand facts
(income) per capita: $8500 (2008)
Area: 513,120 sq km
Thai resources: Coal,gold,lead,tin,
zinc, and precious stones
Life expectancy: male=69
Fertility Rate: 1.66 children
born/women (2011)
Population: 69.5million (2011)
Population density:132 people
per sq km (2008) The national sport of
thailand Muay Thai THE END!!!
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