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Te May

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Joseph

Genesis 37: 1-11
Joseph's journey: the power of realizing God's presence in the presence of our trials
Have you ever wondered whether Joseph ever had difficulty trusting God or experience loneliness even for the slightest moment throughout his journey?

What was it in Joseph's life that set him apart in the way he perceived his trials and in the way he waited for God as He unfolds His promises in Joseph's life?

Let's have a look together through the main events of Joseph's life.
God spoke to Joseph in his dreams. They revealed the plans and purposes that God had for Joseph. Joseph did not only listened but he believed God.

Joseph had a purpose and a vision in life because of these dreams even though it was not well received by his family.

The colourful tunic Joseph received was a foreshadow of God's promises over his life because he had those dreams.
Genesis 37: 1-11
When we have the presence of God in our lives, God has a specific purpose for each and every one of us. He may not speak to us through dreams but He does reveal His plans to us if we desire them. We should not settle for anything less than God's will for our lives (Andrew Wommack Ministries, 2014).

Having a vision also keeps us on track (Andrew Wommack Ministries, 2014). When our eyes are fixed on God's presence and His plans for our lives, we will not be shaken. Joseph's eyes were fixed on God and His promises over his life. No matter the storm or the circumstance, Joseph never waivered but held fast to God and His faithfulness.
God first placed a vision upon my heart to do full time at a very young age. I have waited for many years and am still waiting for God to fulfill His promises over my life.

What kept me focused on my calling despite my circumstances is His love for me. Just knowing that God is always for me and that He is faithful gives me the strength to wait and be of good courage.
Genesis 37: 12-36
Genesis 37: 12-36
Joseph was betrayed by his very own brothers. As a seventeen year old who probably never perceived what his brothers did to him, it was a very drastic change. But, all in all, there was no mention of Joseph feeling any sort of bitterness or loneliness of any kind.
Betrayal, in my personal opinion, is most painful and most difficult when it comes from the people closest to us. Circumstances can either drive us towards God or drive us away from God (Averbeck, n.d.). I am amazed by how Joseph was never bitter towards God or towards his brothers.

I believe Joseph made the choice not to scramble on his own but to run to God when he was first hit by such a drastic change in his life. He probably could have never imagined that this is God's idea of unfolding His plans for his life but he chose to trust God. He focused on God's character instead of the pain of injustice (Johnson, n.d.).

The presence of God was the source of Joseph's comfort and the source of Joseph's confidence (Newton, n.d., as cited in BibleSoft, Inc., 2011).
Although I may have not experienced any betrayal of any kind but I have experienced loneliness and a sense of abandonment when God chose to send my family members to different parts of the world when I first started my work right after university.

Throughout my first year, I scrambled and I did not run directly to God. I tried to hide under my commitments. There was increasing unrest in my heart and in my soul. But when I chose to run back to God, His became to my source of comfort and confidence. There is nothing like making God our source of dependence.

Genesis 39: 1-6
Overseer of
Potiphar's home
Genesis 39: 1-6
Upon being brought to Egypt, Joseph served in Potiphar's home. Within these verses, it was mentioned twice that the LORD was with Joseph. It was mentioned first that the LORD was with Joseph and then followed by how Joseph was blessed with success and favour. These show that Joseph was successful because God was with him and Potiphar recognized that too.
When the presence of God is with us, His favour follows us. The secret of success, victory and unusual exploits that anointed servants of God achieve lie in the fact that God is with them (Olukoya, 2015). We can never succeed on our own. To accomplish spiritual endeavours, we need a presence beyond ourselves, which is God's presence (Olukoya, 2015).

True prosperity does not come in the form of material things but in knowing God is with us and keeping the vision that He has given us alive in our hearts (Andrew Wommack Ministries, 2014). Joseph could serve without murmuring. He operated in faith knowing that God will surely do what He said He would. God blessed the work of his hands as he worked hard.
God challenged me to a journey of obedience when I first left home for college. I found it very challenging to obey God. But along with the obedience, God promised me that He would grant me success. It has been seven years since I left home and God has been faithful to His promise.

The success I have is a great reminder to me that my God is still with me in this journey. It encourages me when sometimes things get a little rough. It is not the success that truly mattered in the end but just knowing that God is still present with me.
Genesis 39: 7-23
GENESIS 39: 7-23
It must have been very hard for Joseph when he was faced with the temptation to sleep with Potiphar's wife. But Joseph was able to stay on track because of God's presence in His life. He knew the vision God has placed in his life and he was determined to stay on track. Joseph only counted God's thoughts about him as the one that really matters (Genesis 39:9). He knew he was accountable to God and that only God can fulfill his destiny.

Within these verses, it was mentioned twice that the LORD was with Joseph when he went into prison. Following these statements, the Bible notes that Joseph found favour and God chose to prosper Him. Again, it was because of God's presence in Joseph's life that success and favour followed him even when he was in prison.
No one is spared from facing temptations for as long as we are alive and we walk this earth because we are fallen beings living in a fallen world. But, we can surely overcome temptations if our eyes are fixed on God and His presence in our lives. When we make His purpose for us our goal in life, we will be motivated to live a life that is aligned to that purpose (Andrew Wommack Ministries, 2014).

Proverbs 29:8 says that "Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint...". Joseph has complete control over Potiphar's home but not his wife. Similar to Adam and Eve who had control over Eden except the tree. Adam and Eve sinned because they believed in the lie that God was withholding something good from them. However, Joseph was content. He chose to believe that God has given him what he needs and therefore, need not choose to sin with Potiphar's wife (Hooper, 2012).
Personally, in this journey of obedience that I have chosen to take with God, I have been particularly tempted to step into relationships that were not meant for me. However, God made me focus on my calling so strongly that I knew deep within my spirit that those relationships were never meant to be part of the picture.

It was a challenge for me to walk away from those relationships because I was personally struggling with many insecurities. But, I am eternally grateful for my parents, leaders and close friends God sent along the way to keep me accountable to Him and to them. When I have finally met my partner in life who shares the same ministry as I do, I know that God has not withheld anything good from me but has only saved me for the best.
Genesis 40
Genesis 40
It is within these verses that it was clear that Joseph's trust and confidence was in God even when he was in prison. Joseph chose to point the cupbearer and the baker to God when he mentioned that interpretation of dreams come from God. (Genesis 40: 8).

The cupbearer forgot about Joseph when he left prison and Joseph was in the prison for another two full years. One cannot really imagine what Joseph must have felt when what seemed like the end of his trials was going to be another waiting season. Yet, there was nothing that mentioned that Joseph gave up.
It is worth noting that again even in circumstance, Joseph chose to serve those around him. He was not consumed by bitterness or self-pity. Instead, attended, literally to wait on as a servant, to the cupbearer and the baker. His ability to give God glory even in acknowledging God's ability to intepret dreams was His recognition of God's sovereignty throughout everything that has happened (Krell, 2006).

The cupbearer's failure to remember Joseph is a reminder to us that people will disappoint us in this lifetime. Our security cannot be in men but only in God. The little break between Genesis 40 and Genesis 41 did not describe what went on in Joseph's heart but those years might have been the years Joseph learned to deal with the disappointment and to put his hope only in God alone. God never left him (Krell, 2006).
There were points in my life where people close to me has disappointed me. I believe no one likes disappointment but we need to learn that our complete trust and dependence should be in God alone. I remember a time where God took away three of my closest friends for a season. It was very difficult for me because I have placed much of my dependence on them.

But, God taught me that if my security was really resting upon Him, it would not matter who would come and go in my life because I know that it Him who sends and takes away. It is Him who holds my life ultimately. When I learn to place my hope in Him, I learn to rise up from the disappointments I face and know that God will surely deliver me.
Genesis 41 - 50
Genesis 41 - 50
In Genesis 41 to Genesis 50, we witness how Joseph left the prison and interpreted the dream for Pharaoh. He then experienced a promotion that came from God. And then there was almost the moment where his brothers came to Egypt. Joseph did not turn his brothers away but he fulfilled his calling. In the end, Joseph recognized that indeed God worked everything out for good for him throughout all the situations that God has allowed to happen in his life. (Genesis 50: 20.).
It is in these chapters of Genesis that we see the product of having God's presence in Joseph's life. The trials and the disappointments he faced prepared him for the heavy responsibility that he had over the land of Egypt (Krell, 2006). Joseph did not forget God in his power and wealth. He knew exactly who brought him to such great position (Andrew Wommack Ministries, 2014).

Also, the presence of God in Joseph's life helped him make sense of the circumstances of his life. He could have responded to his brothers in resentment but the presence of God made the difference. It empowered him to show grace and mercy just as he was shown grace and mercy.
Although I have not come to a point where I have seen God fulfilled His promises over my life in terms of my calling, I have come to a realization at different points of my life that God does know what He is doing.

He has allowed different circumstances in my life but these circumstances has shaped a kind of strength in me that I know will come to great use one day. Sometimes, we tend to feel that God has forgotten us and His promises. But, when we really look at our lives, we will realize that He is weaving every detail, working towards fulfilling the plans He has for us. Our God will never fail and He will never fail us.
God's presence is what sets our lives apart from those of the world. The world has its way of scrambling through the mess of life but we can run to God and find rest in Him.

When we see God's hand in our lives, we will realize that God does work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called by Him. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us and the God who made this promise is also the same God who will keep this promise.
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