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A Hero's Journey: Divergent

No description

Jayden Ross

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Divergent

A Hero's Journey
Ordinary Life
Call to Adventure
Meeting the Mentor
Crossing the Threshold
Refusal of the Call
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Approach to the Inmost Cave
Beatrice Prior lived with her mother, father and brother, Caleb, in a faction known as Abnegation. During her life in this faction, Beatrice always wondered whether she belonged.
In this future society, when one turns sixteen years old, they must choose which faction they will live in for the rest of their lives. Before the choosing ceremony takes place, each participant must undergo testing determining which faction they are best suited for. During Beatrice's testing, she discovers that she does not belong to one faction... She belongs to three: Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite. This means that Beatrice is Divergent.
The woman running Beatrice's simulation testing, Tori, realizes what Beatrice is. After the simulation has ended, Tori explains what Divergence is and warns Beatrice of the dangers involved with it. In order to protect her, Tori fakes the test results. Later on, Beatrice goes to Tori for help and advice surrounding her Divergence.
After discovering her test results, Beatrice struggles with the idea of being Divergent. She is unsure of which path to take.
At the choosing ceremony, Beatrice chooses to join the Dauntless faction. This means starting an entire new life and leaving her old one, including her family, behind. Once she arrives at Dauntless headquarters, Beatrice makes herself known as she is the first of all Dauntless Transfers to literally take the giant leap into this new faction. When she reaches the bottom, Beatrice is gone. She renames herself as Tris.
The faction of Dauntless is all about bravery and learning to overcome all fears. As Tris begins to get stronger, smarter and closer to Four/Tobias, she faces all of her fears in one simulation. The fear landscape reveals fears that Tris herself didn't even realize she had. These fears begin to take their toll on Tris.
Return with the Elixir
In order to become a full Dauntless member, Tris must complete Dauntless training. And if she fails to make the cut, risks being factionless. During her training, Tris is the underdog. Everyone sees her as the 'small, weak girl'. To find a home in Dauntless, Tris is forced to prove herself as brave and strong.
As she goes through the Dauntless training, Tris finds herself getting closer with her trainer, Four. Being from Abnegation, she is not used to affection and has never been in a relationship. In order to be happy and find love with Four, Tris must push past her fears.
Throughout her training, Tris discovers how truly dangerous it is to be Divergent. In order to save herself from death, Tris must hide her secret.
During her training, Tris meets a few friends, like Christina, who have her back and whom she learns to have fun with.
After choosing to leave the Abnegation and her family, Tris assumed her mother and father may never forgive her. However on visiting day, she learns that her mother, once a Dauntless, will always be an ally.
An unlikely romance blooms with Tris and her instructor, Four/Tobias. Throughout Tris' journey, Four/Tobias is one of her strongest allies.
All through Tris' training, there were a group of people expecting, hoping and trying to make her fail. This included a group of fellow Dauntless transfers: Peter, Molly and Drew. A young Dauntless leader named Eric also proved to be an enemy in and out of training. And Tris' biggest enemy is Jeanine Matthews, leader of Erudite.
Tris' ordeal begins as a simulation takes over all of the Dauntless, turning them into mindless killers. All but those who are Divergent. As a Divergent person, Tris must try to overthrow Jeanine Matthews and end the simulation. During the process, she not only loses both her parents, but she is forced to kill one of her friends, Will, who was under simulation. Finally, Four/Tobias is put under an even stronger simulation (made specifically for the Divergent) and Tris worries she may have lost him forever.
When in the control room, Tris has two goals: Four/Tobias and the hard drive. Through both selflessness and bravery, Tris is able to find Four/Tobias from under the simulation and pull him back out. Not only does she save him, but they end the simulation and steal the hard drive containing the simulation's data.
After many trials and tribulations, Tris finally comes to accept her Divergence. She has learned that her strengths including intelligence, selflessness and bravery, are all a large part of who she is. Without her Divergence, Tris would never have been able to accomplish what she has.
With her brother and Four/Tobias by her side, Tris has the hard drive safely with her. We leave her on a train headed to the Amity faction. While she knows her fight is far from over, Tris has the confidence and strength to continue on her journey.
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