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Last Year's Traits and Facts

No description

Rachel Smith

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of Last Year's Traits and Facts

Natalie Cussins
Natalie is the most easiest girl to have a conversation with

Natalie is a fan of
Sponge Bod Square Pants

Natalie is also a great dancer ( mainly because she is a dancer in dancer studious )

Natalie is also does NOT like pink !!!!

: best dancing : funny jokes

: Bunny lover
Natalie Cussins
Gabby Miller
Hardest to be easily to out smarted

Girl with very very very strait teeth

Realy stick with it girl


: Bamax lover
: Dog lover
Friend magnet

Gabrielle Miller
Chase Steinman
Boy with a lot of names

Electric master with a lot of wires, battery's, motors, switches, light bulbs, and a lot of other things

Andrews friend with glasses


: Best attitude when frustrated sometimes

: Most electric things that really work
Chase Steinman Chance Stedman
Clara Beck
Drawing Artist for 5 th grade

Bunny care taker and 3 rd place horse rider

pokemon drawer

Most popular Girl in 5 th grade

: Potato farmer
: With own tractor
: Queen of coloring on things
Clara Beck
Last Year's Traits and Facts
All Pictures are not the best some might be blurry
By : Rachel Smith

Mackenzie Arron
Genie pig lover

And Gueni pig care taker

Most fashionable girl in 5 th grade

Most things in locker


: Gueni pig care taker and genie pig aunty

: Hula hoop champion

Mackenzie Arron
Andrew Schwab
Andrew Schwab
Robot builder with electric remotes

Elvis hair with a gallon of hair gel

Fastest Boy Runner

call of Duty gamer

: Best perfect hair and if not blows up and says the persons name that messed up his hair for a long time with angry eye brows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: Space time nerd with a lot of science things
Jacob Zacherl
Jacob Zacherl
Abby Morgo
Chicken hoarder with weird chickens

Teen Titans Fan



: Hilarious humor

: a lot of best friends
Elizabeth Glover
Elizabeth Glover
Smartest boy in class about the history of the dinosaurs of the Jurassic area


: Book reading machine

: most knowledge on dinosaurs

: Dirtiest room in his house
Lucas Johnston
Lucas Johnston
Smart girl with only A 's on report card

Very loud singer and piano player

Cat lover

: cat magnet
: dancing fean
Leia Bauer
Leia Bauer
Fastest girl in 5 th grade

Glasses hater


T.V. magnet and game magnet

Pokemon lover

Smallest girl in classroom
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith
Abby is the nicest and easiest to be apologized to

Abby is a great dancer and singer


: Most sorry' s in one conversation

: The biggest fan of monkeys

Abigail Morgo
Dog lover

Lucas 2 nd best friend

Never board

Always respects people


: Book reader

: Giant imagination

7 / 29 / 2015 6 th grade summer
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