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ANATOMY OF A LEADER: Guide to Leadership Development (MAIN)

CHCI's Ready to Lead (R2L)

Aarón Almada

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of ANATOMY OF A LEADER: Guide to Leadership Development (MAIN)

Anatomy of a Leader R2L's Guide to Leadership Development AGENDA Introduction
Leadership & You
The Makings of the CHCI Leader
Four Pillars of Leadership
Call to Action
Q & A CHCI's Four Pillars of Leadership CIVIC ENGAGEMENT Student leaders exhibit civic engagement by being involved in their schools, communities, and government. This might include: What does it look like? SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Student leaders exhibit social responsibility by taking a stand against the inequality and inequities that plague our society. This might include: What does it look like? BUILDING MULTICULTURAL COALITIONS What does this look like? Student leaders forge multicultural coalitions when they take a proactive approach in understanding other peoples and cultures. This might include: PROMOTING THE VALUE OF HISPANIC HERITAGE What does it look like? Student leaders exhibit pride of their Hispanic heritage by celebrating your cultural background. This might include: #1 Trustworthiness People admire the personal credibility of a leader. If people don’t believe in the messenger, they will not believe the message. Adapted from: http://www.leadership-expert.co.uk/leadership-traits/ What is the
Top Quality of an Effective Leader? At the Newsstand It's five years from now and you click on the newsstand icon on your phone... The cover shows a successful leader in the world. Take the next 5 minutes to design your own magazine cover.

Imagine why you are on the cover. What magazine is it? What’s the headline? What have you done to deserve recognition? What makes you the leader everyone is admiring? What do people see in you? Think of what matters to you: big or small. Imagine what you really care about or would like to positively affect.
Don’t forget to include a magazine title, your name, and a title headline. Leadership All Day, Every Day What characterizes a leader?

Do you embody any of those characteristics?

Do you see yourself as a leader? The person on the cover is you. No Time for Excuses Practicing CHCI's Four Pillars of Leadership and adopting the 10 Top Leadership Traits will not impede the obstacles that you will face as a leader, but they will equip you with the tools necessary to confront such challenges. What obstacles do you currently face?

What obstacles might you face in the future? America Ferrera John Leguizamo U.S. Supreme Court
Associate Justice
Sonia Sotomayor Gloria Estefan Eddie “Piolín”
Sotelo José Hernandez Labels Were Meant to Be Shed What Will YOUR Legacy Be? Call to Action Four (Easy) Ways to Get Started Register to vote as soon as you turn 18 and talk to your parents and family members about the importance of voting.

Sign up for a club at school that works toward the advancement of the greater social good (e.g. community service club, animal rescue club, etc.)

Go to college! As a college student, you'll be exposed to people from all over the world and will have access to opportunities that will allow you to work and understand other groups of people.

Apply for a program that benefits the Latino community (e.g. High School Latino Leaders in D.C.) Questions Stay Connected! Like us on Facebook
www.facebook.com/CHCIR2L Email us
programsR2L@chci.org [PRESENTER NAME]


8. Continuous Development

Wide Outlook

Ability to Listen 7.


5. Consistency

Recognize Quality

Human Understanding 4.


2. Confidence

Passion & Motivation

Adaptability & Flexibility Stereotype Diabetic Poor Rejected Undocumented Expelled Voting in elections
Registering others to vote
Joining advocacy organizations Attending rallies
Informing others of how to get involved and why being involved is important Volunteering for a worthy cause
Speaking up against injustice
Mentoring a younger student Reducing, Reusing & Recycling
Informing others of why the responsibility is all of ours Joining a multicultural club
Working collaboratively with other groups that share similar goals Informing others why diversity is important and how it can be achieved Honoring your family's values in everyday life
Learning special customs and traditions Sharing with others the richness of Hispanic cultures
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