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pachube environment


u h

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of pachube environment

2. Serving data 2. Serving data Think of it as a generalized realtime broker
for networked objects & environments that
helps you build The Internet of Things. Think of it as a generalized realtime broker
for networked objects & environments that
helps you build The Internet of Things. ...is very good at two things... ...from all sorts of objects, devices, sensors, buildings & environments around the world. ...to other objects, devices, sensors, buildings & environments in other
parts of the world. This means that you can use Pachube to monitor, log and graph environmental data as it changes over time. And you can also share this data in realtime with others in dozens of different ways. ...plug in a Building Management System ...stream a sensor feed from Second Life ...log data from a weather station ...store pollution sensor data ...track the location of moving objects environmental monitoring systems building management systems home automation systems remotely-coupled
interactive environments remote control systems networked furniture,
vehicles & objects we call these 'inputs' we call these 'outputs' ...this makes Pachube particularly useful for... ...connect an electricity meter 1. Storing data 1. Storing data For example, you might... Then you can use Pachube... ...to log 'input' history & publish dynamic realtime graphs
to your website or blog (both physical AND virtual) ...to monitor 'inputs' remotely according to user-defined access privileges ...to analyse 'inputs' over time, compare with others &
aggregate data ...to build services, devices & environments that respond to your 'input' environment on an ad-hoc basis ...to monitor & track geographically dispersed 'inputs' conveniently from the web ...to connect an 'input' to a wide range of Pachube 'apps' ...web-enable an interactive environment or product www.pachube.com coming soon! ...to trigger & control remote objects & environments ...or, even better, create your own Pachube 'app' for others to use! all via a simple & secure
RESTful API use EEML (xml), JSON or CSV data Extended Environments Markup Language works with existing construction industry standards describes 'environments' rather than mere 'sensors' makes no distinction between 'real' & 'virtual' but does distinguish 'physical' & 'virtual' context, disposition, 'situation' 'environment' is a construction process it's not a 'medium' or an 'entity' but is interoperable with the 'environments' of mobile devices, Second Life/Open Sim, web browsers & context-defined 'environments'
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