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Romiette and Julio

No description

brenda villela

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Romiette and Julio

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by Sharon M. Draper
prezi composed by Brenda Villela Romiette and Julio It was hard for Julio to move to Cincinnati an leave all his family behind. his Father had ran away from Corpus Christi, Texas to get away from all the gangs and violence that had taken over his sons school. Julio was settled on the idea that will never grow accustomed to living in such a cold place were he couldn't even swim or a place that to him seemed so gray an colorless. Until he met Romiette an African-American. They fell in love but their were some people that didn't approve of thier relationship. These people were called the DevilDogs. They hassled Romiette and Julio. Julio was determined to protect Romiette.
Julio's biggest challenge was met when the DevilDogs kidnapped them both, tied them up, put them in a boat an let them drift to the middle of the London woods Lake with an on coming storm coming there way. Romiette didn't know how to swim but at the last moment convinced her to get in the water, when a lighting bolt struck the boat and destroyed it. but Julio lost grip of Romiette in the explosion and followed his to her at the bottom of the lake and dragged her safety. He new that they could both die by hypothermia if they didn't warm up soon. Julio kept her warm and saved each other's life by holding on to her and giving off body heat. PART 1 Bigot- it simply means a person who is utterly intolerent of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. I chose this word because it basically explains the whole story. Were everyone looks at your skin color and your ethnicity. And in some places if you try to be or hang out with someone thats different than you by color or race like Romiette an Julio did there are people that will hate on that and hurt you just because and you could ask yourself why but really just the fact that your together is reason enough for them to do what they want. Thats why gangs are bigots in this story PART 2 This story takes place in Cincinnati were Romiette an African-American falls in love with Julio a hansom Hispanic male were they fall in love. It is a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. What I like about this story is that it also brings you to reality were people do judge you by what skin color you are and what your ethnicity is. Thankfully with every generation that kind of thinking is slowly fading away. In Shakespeare the question is: why does are family hate each other so much. In Romiette and Julio the question is: why does everyone care so much about what our ethnicity is. If Romiette and Julio loved each other so much what was it the business of the DevilDogs to get involved in what was none of their concern. The same with Shakespeare. I love that this story because it shows and tells you that you shouldn't care about your color skin is, what you bang, or to even feel threatened by anyone. Personal thoughts and Questions on this story This sene takes place during the time that Romiette is drowning after they get off the boat.
After Romiette losses grip of Julio she starts to drown because she can't swim and she falles into deep conciouseness letting the water take her. And the dream that she has feared comes true. she feels the water comeing up her ears, forcing itself down her throat, and burns its way into her nose, her lungs, her brain. She feels as if the water was fierce and deadly choking her and sucking the life out her. Romiette starts to strugle for air or something to hold on. but slowly the water started taking her again and all she could feel is the dark shadow of death ebrace her, but she hears something. A voice? No it was nothing, but then she hears it again it was Julio's voice calling her. He was calling her to come back to him.
Romiette's view As soon as he realized he had lost his grip on Romiette he swam down grabbing chucks or the wood left form the boat hoping that maybe Romiette had grabed hold one but nothing. It was raining hard now. He new she was terrified an plunged himself into the water hoping he might hear her but nothing. He shouted her name, half praying, half pleading to the hidden starts to find her(pg266). Still no answer, so plunged himself back in the water again reaching for her, sensing her closeness. Julio new he only had a short time to find her so he let himself drift to the bottom of the lake, he followed his heart to her letting it guide him. when he got to her she was floating face down. he gently grabbed her an swam to the surface. as he reached the surface he gasped for air. She wasnt breathing as she lay on Julio's arms. He dragged her to shore and did SPR on her. The wind was blowing hard and he new that they could both die form hypothermia so they huddled together under a hollow tree, Romiette still unconscious. Julio was tryin to stay conciouse as well but he fell into it. PART 3
Julio's view 1999, Sharon M. Draper, Romiette and Julio; pages 266-269 Websited http://atfsnc.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/friends-hugging1.jpg http://www.franksinger.com/cd001/images/owtUnity250.jpg
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