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The Fog Horn

No description

Yuvraj Pathania

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of The Fog Horn

The Fog Horn
Ray Bradbury

Character Description
1. McDunn- Brave, wise, smart, insistent, and old.
Quote 1. : Feeling like two birds in the grey sky, McDunn and I sent the light touching out,
red, then white, then red again, to eye the lonely ships. And if they did not see our light,
then there was always our Voice, the great deep cry of our Fog Horn shuddering through
the rags of mist to startle the gulls away like decks of scattered cards and make the waves
turn high and foam.

2. Johnny- Innocent, determined, younger, smart, lonely.
Quote 2: “ “It's a lonely life, but you're used to it now, aren't you?" asked McDunn. "Yes," I said.”

3. The monster- Scary, depressed, shy, large, destructive.
Quote 3: “I had a glimpse of its gigantic paws, fishskin glittering in webs between the
finger-like projections, clawing at the tower. The huge eye on the right side of its
anguished head glittered before me like a cauldron into which I might drop, screaming.
The tower shook. The Fog Horn cried; the monster cried. It seized the tower and
gnashed at the glass, which shattered in upon us.”

Protagonist: McDunn and Johnny
Antagonist: The monster
Secondary: Rescuers


Place: On a lighthouse by the ocean.
Time Period: 21st century
Conditions: Night- time, November, and foggy.

Elements of Plot
Conflict: There is a sea monster in the ocean that is really lonely and depressed. Whenever the Fog Horn goes off, the monster thinks that it is one of its own kind, but when it realizes that the lighthouse is an inanimate object, it destroys it.
Suspense: The author builds up the suspense when the monster is coming to the lighthouse. So when the monster appears at the lighthouse, we are on the edge of our seats, and it is more impactful.

Climax: The climax of the story is when the monster destroys the lighthouse.

So the theme of the story is that don’t wait for someone or something that can never come back. This is true as the author said, “ “That’s life for you”, said McDunn. “Someone always waiting for someone who never comes home. Always someone loving something more than that thing loves them. And after a while you want to destroy whatever that thing is, so it can’t hurt you no more””.

There are some symbols in the “Fog Horn” such as:

1st symbol: The fog horn is a symbol in the story. It represents something that the monster loves because whenever the fog horn blows the monster responds. “The Fog Horn cried; the monster cried.”

2nd symbol: The lighthouse represents the loneliness that Johnny is picking over companionship.

This story uses many types of imagery.

1st quote: “Feeling like two birds in the grey sky, McDunn and I sent the light touching out, red, then white, then red again, to eye the lonely ships.”
This quote makes me think that McDunn and Johnny are two birds in the sky directing the people who are below them.

2nd quote: “It gave a sort of rumble, like a volcano.”
This quote shows that the monster is destructive and large like a volcano. It has gigantic paws and a huge eye on the right side of its head.

3rd quote: Only then did the body, like a little island of black coral and shells and crayfish, drip up from the subterranean.
This quote means that monster’s body is really big and has carvings like there are black coral, shells, and small lobsters.


Exposition- There is a guy named McDunn and he saw a large sea monster. The monster comes to the lighthouse every year.

Rising Action- They sound off the fog horn and the monster approaches.

Climax- When the monster destroys the lighthouse.

Falling action- When the rescuers save Johnny and McDunn.

Resolution- Johnny gets a job in town, McDunn gets a new lighthouse and the monster never comes back

Type of story
“The Fog Horn” by Ray Bradbury is a fictional story. I know that because the story has a sea monster which ado not exist in real life.

Story Arc
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