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Winthrop Theater Apre Lesson 1: Syllabus Review & Intro

No description

Jennifer Pierce

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Winthrop Theater Apre Lesson 1: Syllabus Review & Intro

Once upon a time there was a village of people and two fierce hunters. Ugh and Oog. Everyone loved Ugh and Oog because they were brave and strong and fast and they fed everyone. Each night they would come back and tell people the stories of how they caught the animals they ate, as they sat around the cooking pit. Lit by fire, they may have exaggerated. A little. They looked cool in the strange light, and It seemed to make everyone happy if it was as exciting as possible.

Ugh always told his part. Oog always told his. Until one day, Oog was killed by an animal they were hunting. When Ugh came back, everyone was very sad, and he had to tell everyone what happened to Oog. Except this time...

He had to play the part of Oog. People really felt like Oog was really there.

I thought that I had made this story up--but Robert Edmond Jones did first and I read him a long , long time ago.

Memories are ghosts, too.
We are here and then...
Who are we?

Are we good or are we evil?

Why are we here?

Why is life so cruel?
What is the essence of theater?

How is it created?
How did it evolve?

How is it made?

Do all cultures have theatre?

We don't really know when theater started, REALLY. But I think it might have had something to do with Ugh and Oog.
To entertain us
To teach us a lesson
To remember brave deeds
To call the dead back to life
To bring the past into the present
To bring the present into the future
Why do people do theater?
You put your heart and soul
into it and then....
Each class will involve multimedia presentation and discussion.

We will also use in class script reading, round table discussion, video, and in-class presentation.
One song

To redeem this empty life

Time flies

And then - no need to endure anymore

Time dies

-Jonathan Larson, Rent
See three on campus performances. MARK THEM IN YOUR CALENDAR NOW!

Write 2 2-3 page reviews of URINETOWN and ZINK

Final Presentation

Mid-Term and Final Quiz
Attendance is a big part of your grade.
You are allowed two absences.
That's it.
5 point deduction per absence.
After that...
It just disappears.

Dr. Jennifer Pierce
PhD from Pitt, an MA
from NYU, a BA from
Adelphi University
Playwright, Director
television, film, and book geek
Mom to 3 kids.
I like teaching you. A lot.
Social Media Junky
Attendance: 20 points

Performance Reviews 20 points (10 pts each)

Performance Attendance: 30 points

Midterm Quiz 10 points

Final Quiz 10 points

Final Presentation 10 points

before novels, before television, before movies
before video games, before social media, there
was theater.
you can't know who we are until you know who we WERE.
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