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Career Pathways Program

PTJS Flowchart

Jes Johnson

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Career Pathways Program

• Complementary updates of the Mining Industry
• Tips & helpful advice
• Upcoming Mine releases
• Specific Project Outlook
• Employment Possibilities
• Jobs on offer in various locations
• Information on a variety of courses to make you
more appealing
• What is the latest news? “The Mining Boom is over” • There are reasons why mining is a highly paid industry. Employees work in remote locations away from family, the days are long and the environment harsh.

• Mining Safety Culture – No accidents, Incidents or near misses are tolerated.

• Hiring managers put great emphasis on hiring employees and contractors who have a strong focus on safety. • Relocation, Long Hours, Extreme temperatures

• Training

• Flexibility

• Be able to interpret mining talk • Mining companies are financially motivated
and look carefully at the safety training of their applicants.

• Standard 11 Induction

• Coal Board Medical • Safety Courses

• Certificate IV OHS

• Confined Space & Working at Heights

• First Aid

• 4WD • Unparalleled commitment to our students

• Guidance Officer & Client Relationship Manager

• Automated recruitment system • Direct communication with mining organisations and recruitment agencies on behalf of our students

• Match students with short lists and direct placement

• Rubric System developed specific to industry requirements • Is your resume good enough to get past the first look and/or automated criteria scanning process?

• Our resume writers have engaged the HR departments of mining companies to discover the perfect layout that will suit them….
after all they are the ones that you need to impress.

• This is an example of providing increased opportunities. Companies do not have the time to work out which position you may be suited to! Be prepared to answer questions

Expect a question on weakness

Know your salary expectations

Ask questions Think about other “like-type” environments where you could build relevant experience. Manufacturing, construction and industrial experience for example are highly attractive to the resources sector. Contractors/Suppliers to the mining industry can be small suppliers with specific work packages i.e. construction of accommodation where plumbers, carpenters and form workers are required.

Or services such as transport and catering and depending on the mine, a port may be required, or schools, community centres and recreational facilities. Our Career Pathways Program (CPP) has been prepared for our students to provide a guide for the pathway to the resource sector. What Project News offers you. Treasurer Peter Costello – 1st November 2006 You have to remember, large mining developments are long term investments and are not easily thrown off by volitility in the market – Clive Palmer • 53,000 more Australians are employed in resources jobs in 2012 than in 2011 and this figure is set to increase

• There are currently 456 projects in the Australian resources sector that are in the construction pipeline with 272 committed or under construction and 98 projects in the advanced stage of development.

• In 2013, Australia’s iron ore exports are forecast to increase by 9 per cent, to a total 528 million tonnes, supported by new operations that are scheduled to start-up in late 2012 and early 2013.

• Some of the projects are: Fortescue’s Chichester Hub , CITIC Pacific Mining’s Sino Iron Project, Rio Tinto’s Hope Downs 4 and Western Turner Syncline.

• Increased volumes are also forecast from: Xstrata’s Mangoola mine, stage 1 of Yancoal’s Moolarben mine, and Peabody Energy’s expansion of its Wilpinjong operation.

• Queensland's booming coal seam gas-to-LNG sector is entering a new phase of growth and investment, and will play a major role in meeting rising demand for the fuel according to global energy giant Royal Dutch Shell.

• Queensland Gas Company (QGC) – 26 billion in projects in next 18 months

• From 2014 onwards, the industry’s production of LNG is likely to enter a period of rapid expansion.

• Rising global demand for energy from population growth and developing countries, and the increasing demand for cleaner fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be the catalyst for significant development of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry in Queensland, using coal seam gas (CSG). • Project News.

Set job alerts:
• tempurer.com.au
• seek.com.au
• careerone.com.au
• jobs.com.au
• Mining company sites. “You never know where an opportunity or big break can come from” Would you be
totally prepared? Queesland Coal BHP Daunia Project Alpha Coal & Kelvin’s Corner Project BHP Caval Ridge Wandoan Coal Project Location: Bowen Basin
Employment: 1200 construction / 500 operational jobs Location: Wandoan
Employment: 1300 construction / 754 permanent jobs Location: Galilee Basin
Employment: 2500 construction / 1600 permanent jobs
  Location: 150m West of Mackay
Employment: 450 construction/ 300 operational jobs End to end support to increase You now have a better understanding of what knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and experience is required for you to progress into your career in mining. Take an honest look at your career goals, skills, required knowledge, experience, and personal characteristics and make a plan to obtain what is necessary in each of these areas to carry out your career path. Mining Salaries The average salary in the mining industry is currently about However, most mine sites have different agreements therefore the rates vary somewhat. $90,000 per year While the earning potential is lucrative, regardless of your job, the isolation of working on the remote mining sites is a significant factor to consider. The work is not easy, The hours
are long, and the work is hard. Workers are rewarded for enduring these conditions. • Gain a broad knowledge of the mining industry

• Research mining companies and the position
that would best suit you

•Familiarise yourself with Mining Terminology

• Maintain a strong focus on safety

• Ensure you have passed a Coal Board Medical and Police Clearance

• Upskill

• Do a Safety Course

• Build a professional profile on social media sites

• Use social media for networking with
industry groups

• Invest in a Mine Specific Resume

• Know your salary expectations

• Be prepared to answer safety related questions

• Know the reason you applied for the job
(“because of the money” just doesn’t
sit well with employers)

• Get to know the S.T.A.R technique

• Take advantage of our
Post Training Job Support program

These combining factors provide Industry Pathways clients and
students with an end-to-end approach to the pathway of resource
industry ready workers with a positive mindset, realistic industry
expectations and an unwavering focus on safety.  In Summary " “If it wasn’t for the way you presented the resume with a safety role twist I don’t think I would have landed the job. Thanks guys for the launch of my new career” - Tim " “What can I say but "WOW" and of course, a thank-you. Julia, I didn't expect to receive a reply let alone an end product of such quality so soon, you truly are a credit to your profession. I am more than happy with the end product and any minor tweaks would be an insult to the gratitude I have for you, that I couldn't amend myself. Thanks again for your exceptional work.” - C. Leonard • Does your resume display mining specific content?

• Have you written your resume specifically for a job in mining? • Rubric System.

• Skills Identifier Kit LinkedIn - largest professional network online today. Mining Australia
Mining Industry Professionals
Queensland Mining
Oil & Gas Facebook & Twitter • iMINCO
• Shaft Magazine
• Queensland Mining Jobs
• Jobs in Mining
• Mining Oil & Gas Jobs
• Mining Crew "Employers and recruiters like us are frustrated with potential employees with applications saying they 'will do anything'."
-Skilled Recruitment

Check with the person who is arranging the interview as to the expectations of the hiring manager.
Wear PPE if appropriate.
Always appear interested and act positively.
What attracts you to the job? The Interview the most important meeting of your career S.T.A.R TECHNIQUE What was the role you were in and the job you were doing?  A couple of sentences to set the context and the situation you were in. Situation What was the specific challenge, task or job that you faced? Task You always need to say what you did.  The interviewers are much less interested in what the team or group did.  They want to hear about your actions. Action What did YOU do? What was the outcome? 
What was the situation like after you took action? 
This step is often missed, but is the most important in showing what you achieved through your actions.  And even if what you did didn’t entirely work, this is the place to describe what you learnt. Result Questions
to help you prepare The Queensland CSG/LNG Industry have major projects that have the potential to offer as many as 18,000 direct and indirect jobs including over 4,300 in the Darling Downs, South West Region alone. Curtis LNG Project
Employment: 3000-4000 Construction / 800 permanent jobs

Employment: 6000 new jobs

Employment: 10,300 construction jobs peaking between 2012-1025 to 18,600 jobs Major QLD CSG/LNG Projects $20 per hr x 2 mths x 45 hours = 900
$25 per hr x 2 mths x 45 hours = 1125
$30 per hr x 2 mths x 45 hours = 1350 Would you work for: Is the
BOOM over? The Numbers • Physical
• Psychological
• Mental Do you know the demands? • Social
• Emotional Focus:
Increased opportunities for our students A resume BEFORE the Industry Pathways service A resume AFTER the Industry Pathways service Queensland Mining, Oil & Gas
Mining Australia
Mining Industry Network – Australia
Mining Industry Professionals
Mining IQ
Mining – Safety Industry Specific Blogs "will do
anything" Professional Branding Split your personal & professional colleagues and create a separate professional list. Ensure your online presence is truthful, professional and succinct. What you SHOULDN'T Do An example of an effective profile 93% Linkedin is the largest professional network online today. Of recruiters use Linkedin to find & research prospective employees 66 % of recruiters use Facebook to find
new talent. Reaching
$93,000 OPPORTUNITY REPPLER! Up-skilling gives you the chance to develop new skills that will make you more attractive to employers. You will no longer be passed over for those interviews and promotions. The first thing you need to do is to look at the necessary tickets required in the job ads that you are targeting. Do you tick all their boxes and have all the skills they want? You can also develop new skills by engaging in volunteer or work experience roles in the industry that you wish to enter. Increased Knowledge Increased
Opportunities Increased Skill + = What positions can I apply for as an entry level miner? Potential Occupations for a Trades person Auto Electrician
Driller – Mine Exploration, Oil & Gas and Waterwell
Fitters – Diesel, Fixed Plant, Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical
Maintenance, Mechanical Fitter/Specialist Potential Occupations for the semi-skilled Asphalt Worker
Construction Labourer
Driller – Assistant, Offsider, Support Officer
Dogman/ Dogger
Field Assistant
Floorman On/Off shore
Grounds Keeper
Mobile Plant Operator
Jug Hustler
Maintenance Worker Pit Technician
Quarry Plant Operator
Roustabout/ Derrickman
Sealing Operator
Shot Firer’s assistant
Slurry Operator
Trades Assistant
Water truck driver Potential Occupations for skilled operators Assistant Sampler
Control Room Operator
Driller – Mine exploration, oil & gas, waterwall
Drill assistant
Mobile, Fixed and Processing Plant Operators – Backhoe, bulldozer, crane, grader, excavator, haul/dump truck, scaper/shovel
Field Hydrologist
Laboratory Assistant
Leading Hand
Operators underground and open cut – Bogger, Jumbo, Longwall/Continuous Mineral Process Operator
Open cut mining plant operator
Power generation plant operator
Process/pre-plant operator
Production specialist
Shot firer
Train driver Is it better to apply through recruitment companies or mining companies? Nowadays many mining companies have their own job boards (alerts) and are pushing to have their vacancies filled from within rather than approaching agencies. Recruitment companies have consistently been the go-to for mining companies as often it is time consuming work having to short list, conduct reference checks and finding candidates that are suitable. A lot of candidates are going it alone using social media, networking and word of mouth. What companies in the past 12 months have offered apprenticeships / traineeships? Anglo Coal
BHP Billiton
BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)
Minara Resources Newmont Australia Ltd
Rio Tinto
Xstrata The Journey Personal Protective Equipment
(PPE) Solutions Mobile Plant Operators
Mobile Crane Operators
Road Constructor
Pipe Layer
Train Driver
Ventilation Officer
Welder 72 % of recruiters and employers verify candidates on Facebook Opening questions that may be asked Example: Can you please share a broad overview of your career. Safety questions Example: What methods do you take to ensure your own personal safety to work? Do you have an example recently where these methods worked for you? Technical/job related questions Example: Tell us about a complex aspect of your last job and how long it took you to learn it? Team orientated
questions Example: What do you feel you can contribute to a team over and above your technical skills? Initiative questions Example: Have there been any specific projects or improvements that you have initiated? Performance under pressure Example: Has there been a time when you were unable to meet a very demanding deadline? What happened? Last summer, nearly half of India's sweltering population suddenly found the electricity shut off. Air-conditioners whirred to a stop. Refrigerators ceased cooling. The culprits were outmoded power generation stations and a creaky electricity transmission grid. India relies on coal for
55 percent of its electric power and struggles to keep enough on hand. But another
problem stood out Coal remains a critical component of the world's energy supply despite its bad image.
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