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Character Photo Essay

No description

Alexis Cobler

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Character Photo Essay

Character Photo Essay

Inner Character
A picture of my brother and me on vacation (being dorks) is the best representation of me I think there can possibly be. I'm never serious, I love goofing off and just having fun, and most of all, I love spending time with my family. My mom and my brother are the most important people in my life and I don't know what I'd do without them. They're part of what makes me, me and they've helped shape the person that I am today. I want the world to see the girl who doesn't care what people think and puts her family first above all else.
Outer Character
With AP classes, college classes, a part time job (that generally isn't technically part time), and being part of a culinary competition team, my life can be very similar to a balancing act most of time. I chose this picture because I feel like it's a representation of how I live. If one box was placed incorrectly the whole tower would topple. And, if at least one person wasn't there to hold it up at all times it would probably fall too. This represents that even though I very carefully and meticulously "stack my boxes" I need my friends and family there to hold me up at all times.
Alexis Cobler
(That's me)
My setting is a place so loud you can feel the sound waves travel through your body. A place where you come very near to heat exhaustion and dehydration. A place where all the worries in the world float away because you're just in the moment and only there. Being at a concert is my setting because there is truly no place I would rather be.
Being at a concert is not only a once in a lifetime experience, it's a memory that can be treasured and held for the countless years to come. It's being able to experience something so trivial but in such an incredibly special way. It's the place I will
choose to be if at all possible.
A symbol that best represents me is my macaw. Macaws are generally associated with inventiveness, inspiration and freedom. I'm loud, talkative, and I tend to keep bright colors in my look (I've always been called a free sprit). I always make myself heard and I get bored very easily. I love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables (and throw them occasionally). My macaw is my favorite thing that I have and I think it's because we're fairly similar.
My daughter Alexis lives her life fiercely and
passionately. I chose to take the photograph in her bedroom because it was designed and decorated entirely by her. One of Alexis' passions is her music. It inspires her and we have shared some of our most memorable mother and daughter moments at rock concerts over the years. That is why I asked her to hold her vinyl album in the picture. Alexis has a very sharp wit and is able to express herself well because of her insight beyond the obvious. She was able to draw a repsentatation of herself even when in 2nd grade which is why I included the artwork to the left. The teacher used her drawing as the example for the class to follow. I chose the laughing picture because above all, Alexis loves her friends, music and family with 100% of herself and it shows in everything she does.
-Carol Cobler (My Mom)
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