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Definition of Language Arts

EDU 604: Definition of Language Arts Assignment

Ross Ricenbaw

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Definition of Language Arts

ARTS Key Reading Concepts:
Knowledge of Print
Phonological Awareness
Word Analysis

Writing Speaking/
Listening Visually Representing Viewing Reading K-12 Comprehensive Reading Strand:
Students will learn and apply reading
skills and strategies to comprehend grade level text K-12 Comprehensive Writing Standard:
Students will learn and apply writing skills and strategies to communicate.
Key Writing Concepts
Writing Procss
Writing Genres K-12 Comprehensive SPEAKING/LISTENING Standard:

Students will learn and apply speaking and listening skills and strategies to communicate. Key Speaking/Listening Concepts
Speaking Skills
Listening Skills
Reciprical Communication
Standard 9: Uses viewing skills and strategies to understand and interpret visual media Standard 10. Understands the
characteristics and components
of the media K- 12 Comprehensive MULTIPLE LITERACIES Standard: Students will identify, locate, and evaluate information. Multiple Literacy Concepts
Core Subject Areas
Learning and Innovation Skills
Infomation, Media, and Technology Skills
Life and Career Skills My definition: "The act of gathering knowledge and information through sight and text."
My definition: "The act of documenting the thoughts and ideas of an individual." My definition: "The act of communicating knowledge and ideas between two or more individuals." My definition of Language Arts: "The process by which we learn how to communicate knowledge, thoughts and ideas between groups of individuals. Methods of communication include speaking, listening, writing, reading, kinesthetic and multiple representations." Dr. Mudge's Chart My Definition: "Communicating thoughts and ideas using media other than print." College Rediness Standard: Uses principles and techniques (e.g., purpose, point of view, images, texts, language, sound) to create coherent productions through a variety of media My Definition: "The pocess of accumulating knowledge
using visual representations."
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