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Mohamed Abdel Hamid

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A3det Baynat (A-Data) School Educational Official Vision and Mission A-Data Profile Ayman Fawzy Technical Official Halim Ibrahim HR Official El-Zahraa Sami Marketing Official Mohamed Abdelhamid A-Data is an organization focuses on rising awareness of geography, maps and GIS in Egypt, and improving technical skills in GIS and other soft skills needed in the professional market to cover the gap between the education system and the private sector. Introduction - Raising awareness of Geo-sciences and all related technologies.
- Improving Geo specialists' technical and soft skills. Values Integration Innovation Involvement Each nail has a role in the machine The more you innovate the more you succeed Tell me, I'll forget
Show me, I'll remember
Involve me, I'll understated Omnia Abdelhamid - Preparing for technical workshops
- setting up workshops and facilities
- measuring and controlling effectiveness
- lecturing Responsibilities Ahmed Ragab Responsibilities - Comparing between new tools and applications.
- Creating GeoDatabase officially for A-Data.
- Recommending and supporting Educational Team with any needed data. - Preparing Soft skills workshops
- Create a database for GIS specialists in Egypt
- Creating and applying evaluation system for A-Data team and for delegates
- Communicating with GIS organizations for training purposes and vacancies for A-Data delegates Responsibilities Farouk Ghafar Responsibilities - Event planning
- E-Marketing and advertising
- Media production and documentation
- Marketing materials and campaigns Clarification Do's A-Data monthly event has not been canceled, but it will be as meeting for socializing and expressing GIS capabilities. Also, it will work as a focus group; one of market research tools. - Create a Gmai account in a professional format.
- Prepare a presentation on your strategic plan during the next 6 months (15 min).
- Check ch1 of Business Model Generation pdf file. What's next? - Presenting and discussing your plan.
- Getting feedback about the presentations.
- Involve in a workshop to set and finalize A-Data BM and strategic plan.
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