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Amelia Smith

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 3 September 2017

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Transcript of Amelia Smith

I can use email to send my work to the teacher so that Miss Harris can see my work.You can also send messengers and do work messengers.
I upload my Narrative onto life.You can also record lots of things on here.
Explain Everything
I used Explain Everything to record my voice to make a strategy with lots of colourful slides. I can also upload images. Explain Everything is a kind of software you can get on an ipad or computer.
Our Lady Of The Angels is shut down because of stuff . And how are we going to learn? And how can we communicate with are teacher. We can use technology, it the latest thing at the moment. That means we will use software,hardware and also peripheral devices which we can tell our teacher about at our conference.Great idea we could do a project about it in our extra time, lets do it.
Word Doc
I use PowerPoint to create my story's and include images. I can create my PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a kind of software. You can also work and write lots of things on here also do presentation.
I Conference my story with my teacher.You can also talk to people and connect to them.
I can do my oral presentation on rocks on word doc and I include images.You can also work on here and type stories. This device is a type of software.
I used the usb to put all my work on there in case it got lost.You can do lots of work on there and it will make sure the file won't get lost.This is a kind of hardware.
I used the iPad for information. And you can also take pictures. This is a type of hardware.
The computer is another peripheral device.I used the computer for information ,PowerPoint and Word doc.You can also download apps.
I used the mouse to control the computer. You can also click on thing you want to look at instead of the pad.This is a peripheral device.
I can use the printer to print out my work so I have got a copy.Thais is a peripheral device.
I can use phone to call my teacher and text to tell Miss Harris things also to ask her questions.This device is peripheral.
Digital Technology
by Amelia smith

Note Pad
I didn't use note but you can use it for when you type and
you want someown to read it . You press a button and it reads it to you.

Google Translete
We didn't use this for this project but if you have a student who doesn't speak you language you can make it transleted,to there language.
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