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Military Engineering

No description

Rhino Hasa

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Military Engineering

What type of work does a
Military Engineer do? Contrary to popular belief, a military engineer does not perform maintenance functions related to vehicles, weapons, or tactical equipment; a military engineer is primarily involved in the design and construction of infrastructure for use on military bases, combat zones, and occupied areas. These military engineering occupations have numerous sub-categories and specializations within the profession. Military engineers are trained to work under extreme pressure. They provide critical infrastructure and survival support to fellow soldiers and civilians. These specialized engineers operate on and off the battlefield. Military engineers can construct basic military buildings or conduct preemptive measures to ensure troop safety. The demand for military engineers is expected to grow. Military engineer salaries are largely dependent on rank and experience What is the current salary
of a Military Engineer? Today I will be telling you about Military Engineering. Let's get started! What are the Military Engineer working conditions? Military Engineers work in all weather conditions and sometimes have to work in combat situations. It is not an easy job if you were thinking it was. •What are the major job responsibilities for a Military Engineer? Like all officers and enlisted personnel, military engineers are expected to strictly adhere to military codes of conduct, but duties can vary by location, specialty and branch of the Armed Forces. For example, engineers working in research and development may never set foot on a battlefield, while combat engineers may be part of a team of soldiers in hostile territory. Whether they are maintaining and rebuilding military or civilian infrastructures at home or abroad, engineers must be able to plan efficiently, communicate effectively and adapt quickly From what I have read it seems that there will be
a little demand for a Military Engineer. Not much, but there will be some demand for this job. Is there a demand for this job in the future? While not all military positions require licensing, professional engineering designations may improve employment in higher ranking positions. Frequently, graduates become professional engineers (PEs). The first step to becoming a PE involves passing the Fundamentals of Engineering test via the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying) agency. Aspiring engineers must then develop at least four years of work experience before they are eligible for taking the PE test. •What kind of education is needed for a Military Engineer? Any pictures of people doing this work? What impact do you think military engineers
will have on your future? I think military engineers will create new weapons and new vehicles. Why or why not? Do you think you’d be interested in pursuing a career
in engineering? I would not want to be an engineer when I grow up because I have a friend who's father is an engineer and he says it is a very hard job. I hardly ever see my friend's dad because he is always working. The only time I saw him was at a barbecue when he had a day off. He says he's almost always working.
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