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The Other Wes Moore -- Final Project

No description

Abbie Ransdell

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of The Other Wes Moore -- Final Project

Turning Point
By Abbie Ransdell
The Other Wes Moore -- Final Project
Author Wes Moore
Other Wes Moore
Wes punched his sister without knowing the consequences.
"So, in the spirit of three-year-old boys everywhere who've run out of better ideas, I decided to punch her" (pg. 5)
Wes wants to take care of his mom at all costs.
"After listening to his mother describe her letter, Wes quickly volunteered to ger a job and help out." (pg. 23)
He goes to play basketball.
"I played hard, lost pretty bad, but enjoyed every minute of it." (pg. 44)
Attempts to stab the boy who punched him.
"As Woody got closer, his attention was diverted from Wes's left hand to his right, where he held a long-bladed knife." (pg. 33)
Does drugs and drinks alcohol for the first time.
"The boys sat under the bridge drinking malt liquor and smoking as the morning quickly turned to afternoon." (pg.60)
Stops trying in school.
"... I allowed my standards at school to become pathetic. In third grade 'I was at a second-grade reading level." (pg. 54)
Decides to never be arrested ever again.
"The cops gave us a gift that day, and I swore I would never get caught in a situation like that again." (pg. 84)
Learns about respect and decides to try and fit in at military school.
"This was real respect, the kind you can't beat or scare out of people. ... That's when I started to understand that I was in a different environment." (pg.96)
Doesn't go after his attacker for revenge.
"Should I have stayed there in the middle of the street, waiting for the boys to come back, somehow gotten them out of their car, and tested them blow for blow? Part of me was aghast when I decided that the answer was no." (pg. 121)
Starts selling drugs.
"He'd realized very early in the gamethat the drug market was a simple supply-and-demand equation." (pg. 74)
Gets Alicia pregnant and goes to jail for attempted murder.
"Within two months of their meeting, Alicia told Wes that her period was late." (pg. 99)
"Wes and his friend traded shots and finally heard Ray scream as he fell..." (pg. 105)
Sells drugs to an undercover police officer.
" 'I don't know who it was that told me, but if you give me twenty dollars, you can go over to that phone booth and they said you would be taken care of.' " (pg. 113)
Decides to join the army.
"I wanted to lead soldiers." (pg. 133)
Decides to try to get the Rhodes scholarship.
" 'Have you heard of the Rhodes Scholarship?' " (pg. 161)
Starts selling drugs again.
"As the baking soda swirled in the rapidly heating pot, Wes held the plastic with both hands and poured in nine ounces of cocaine." (pg. 145)
Robs a bank with Tony and two other men.
"Mary's large-screen television was now filled with photos of these suspects. Her heart broke when she saw Tony's and Wes's faces staring back at her." (pg. 149)
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
F i n...
Thank you for watching!
Turning Point
Wes wants to get out of the drug
game. His friend suggested joining the job
corps. Job corps was a government program that let people earn their GEDs and learn skills required for their desired feilds. Wes passed with flying colors in only seven
months. After, he got a solid and completly legal job.
Wes realized that seeking revenge was not something his father wanted him to do. This is proven by Wes's middle name which means "one who will not seek revenge."
It was at this point in the book that Wes really thought about his future. When he was almost arrested for tagging a building, he didn't want to disapoint his mom or go to jail. He realized that if he was arrested, he would have no future.
Up to this point in the book, Wes had decided to stay away from drugs just like Tony told him to. However, in chapter four he started dealing drugs because he was jealous of Tony and all of his expensive stuff. Wes's life really goes down hill from there.
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