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EclipseCON France 2013 Keynote

The Humanist Perspective of Industry 4.0

Hans-Juergen Kugler

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of EclipseCON France 2013 Keynote

The Humanist
of Industry 4.0 Hans-Jürgen Kugler EclipseCON France
5 June 2013 History shows that technological innovations often have more power to change society than politics. The Internet of Things will be such a force for change – essentially abolishing the industries we know today by replacing segmentation with an interconnectivity leading to emergent services of unprecedented levels. Whether this will lead to a renewed and all-inclusive humanism or to a 1984-style control scenario is up to us. Historically the Renaissance in Western Europe towards the end of the 14th century presents a similar watershed with surprisingly similar patterns. And it was a similar combination of technology and community forces that allowed the humanistic ideals of the Renaissance to spread and influence society - until today. It was then – as it is today – the conflict between trust and fear, between shared purpose and the need for control, which determined the direction of development of both society and technology. The recent increase of open technologies and projects has led to a revival of open communities, which embody purpose and trust as foundation. Can open-source organizations be models for successful enterprises in Industry 4.0? We help organizations to develop,
especially those in “traditional industries”,
whose products have been “infected by software.” About Kugler Maag Cie: 90% of innovations are
software determined Industry 4.0 ? 001110101101011011
110001110101101011 1.0 2.0 3.0 Internet of Things
and Services applied to factory / logistics emergent behavior
self-organization What society will be created by the Internet of Things and Services? Connected
Open published 1945 Image of Man? original sin - will be controlled man is selfish needs to be controlled Why it is
our very
cooperate Trust is good. Control is better. Control is good.
Trust is better. Motivation Self-determination
Purpose open source meritocracy Technology Talent Technology Tolerance Talent Technology universal modelling language broadcast p2p today's universal modelling language ? software software broadcast
m2m democratizes politics does not change society technology changes society politics follows Renaissance humanism

modern society open source
... industry 4.0 needs a humanist perspective the humanist perspective needs YOU keep an OPEN mind Where are the people? Lenin -1 The Principle of Humanity broadcast
m2m Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressions
and Their Computation by Machine
John McCarthy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Mass.
April 1960 Internet of Things
and Services 4.0 Horizontal Technology Thank you for your attention.

Questions? People get in the way.
They need to be organized. They cannot organize themselves. ... but we can build technical systems
that organize themselves ... describes what is
describes what can be realizes what can be software http://2renaissance.org
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