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Book Report

No description

valeria hernandez araya

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Book Report

I read for my book report "The Maze Runner".

The author of the book is James Dashner.

The book was published in 2009.

The book has 372 pages.
The Maze Runner!!!

Main Characters 2
Physical Traits:
- He has blond hair and short hair.
- He is skinny.
- He is the second in power.
Personality Traits:
- He is kind with everyone.
- Cares about everyone.
- He is really responsible.
Physical Traits:
- He has dark skin.
- He is the leader of the Gladers.
- He is strong.
Personality Traits
- He is responsible.
- He cares a lot for the others.
- He is a good leader.
Main Characters 3
Physical traits:
- He is way younger than Thomas.
- He has brown and curly hair.
- He has little bits of freckles.
Personality traits:
- Kind and helpful kid.
- He is funny.
- Wants to be a friend with everyone
Physical traits:
- He is an asian guy.
- He has a black hair.
- He is the Runner's keeper.
Personality traits:
- He is Brave.
- He is really smart.
- He is responsible.
Main Characters
Physical traits:
-He has short brown hair.
-He is 16 years old.
-He is skinny.
Personality traits:
- He tries to be kind with everyone.
- He wants to be a runner.
- He wants to help getting out of the glade.
Physical traits:
- Blue eyes
- Black hair
- Pale face.
Personality traits:
- She is sweet and lovely.
- She wants to help in everything that boys do.
- Can talk in Thomas mind.
The maze runner
James Dashner

Book Report
Minor Characters
Physical traits:
He is skinny.
He has blond hair.
- He is fifteen years old.
Personality traits:
He is really mean.
- He wants to protect other by getting rid of Thomas.
- He is rude and hard with the other ones.
Physical traits:
He is the cook from the Glade.
He has black hair.
He is a dark kid.
Personality traits:
He is a good guy.
Always wants to cook good food.
He is kind with everybody.
Minor Characters 2
Physical Traits:
He has black hair.
He is the keeper of the Blood House.
He has white skin.
Personality Traits:
He is really hard with his job.
He is a good trainer.

He is friendly.
Physical Traits:
He is really tall.
He has short and blond hair.
He is skinny.
Personality Traits:
I passed through the Changing.
He was sure to kill Thomas and he tried it.
He is mean.
External Conflict:
There are so many external conflicts but two of the best for me was:

When the walls one day didn't close and they had to hide in the Homestead and Gally came in ( Gally went to the Maze and stayed two days in it, everyone thought he was dead) and said to everybody that the Grievers will take one by one. And it came true.

- Another conflict is when in a Griever attack Thomas scarified himself to get stung to get memories from his life, and stayed asleep for 4 days.

Internal Conflict:

Thomas didn't know who he was, who was his family, he just knew his name.

- Another conflict is when Teresa start talking in Thomas mind when she was in comma and Thomas went crazy.
Main Conflict
Plot Events
: The exposition of the story when Thomas went out of the box and started meeting people. He started meeting people as Alby and Newt and Chuck and after that he started meeting new people. And it also shows the setting that is the Glade. You know where is the setting because Alby said it in the beginning.

Rising action
: The rising action of the story is when the box opened and it was a girl that said " Everything is going to change" then she got asleep and she had a note in her hand that said that she was the last one ever.

: The climax of the story is when the walls didn't close and the Grievers came in the Glade to attack. And Thomas got stung on purpose to get memories and then he got asleep for four days, And when he woke up he knew how to get out of the Glade.

Plot Events 2
Falling action
: The falling action action in the story is when Thomas finds out that they're words in the Maze and that they had to put them on the computer that is in the Griever Hole. The Gladers were ready to fight while Thomas, Teresa and Chuck go in the Griever Hole. They write the six words and press the button and then the Grievers turned off and it open a way.

: All the Gladers came in the Griever Hole and congratulate Thomas, Teresa and Chuck. And they walked through a way and they started sliding in like a slide of oil. They end up in a room with scientists and they tell them about the Flare. And they take them to another place far and they ended up in a room with food and beds and they stayed there.
Plot Events 3

Another plot events are when:

- When Thomas passed a day in the Slammer.

- When Minho and Alby were trying to get out of the Maze when the walls were closing and Thomas get in before the walls closed to saved them and he finished inside the Maze with Minho and Alby.

The Genre of the story the Maze Runner is science fiction.
I know this because:
- The Flare (the world is over heating) is not real in our world.
- The Glade is not real, and people would never do that to kids of 14, 15, 16 year old kids.
- There is not so advanced technology to do the Glade the Maze, the Grievers.
The author's mood is trying to get suspense to the reader and make the reader wanted to read more.
The theme of the story is friendship and team work.
- An example of friendship is that Thomas and Chuck were really good friends and at the end Chuck sacrificed himself for saving Thomas from the knife that Gally threw to Thomas.
-An example of team work is that the Gladers worked together to try to get out and don't give up.

- When Minho was training Thomas to be a Runner, Minho was cutting plants from the walls and throwing them to the floor. And Thomas said " breadcrumbs" and Minho said "yeah I'm Hamsel and your Gretel."
Type: Funny Situation

- The phrase of the book that was written in Teresa's arm when she woke up " wicked is good" that's not true wicked is bad.
Type: Ironic Situations

- That Thomas when he just came he knew anything. He started learning step by step about the Grievers, the Maze and all that stuff. And Teresa when she just woke up she started talking about the Grievers and all that stuff like a normal Glader.
Type: Ironic Situations
The narrator of the the story "The Maze Runner" is the point of view of Thomas.
Why I know?
- Because we know what he feels and thinks.
- Because the story began with Thomas in the box and what he felt that moment and it doesn't show what Teresa felt when she arrived.
- The story takes place whenever Thomas went and whoever Thomas is with. It doesn't show the life of the other Gladers.
To draw down or contract the brows in a sullen, displeased, or angry manner.
: When Thomas get to the Slammer and was comfortable with it he kept the
and pretend he didn't like it.
Part of speech
: Noun and verb
to scold or reproach; find fault.
: Thomas couldn't hide
about the idea of throwing rocks to the cliff.
Part of speech
: verb
To make speechless with amazement; astonish.
: The Gladers were
when they heard the note that the girl had " She's the last one ever".
Part of speech
: adjective and verb.
Covered with a dense growth or a tangled mass.
: The maze is
with little plants.
Part of speech
: Adjective
A vestibule or entrance hall in a house or appartment.
: Thomas went in the
to go to the Homestead.
Part of speech
: noun

The Maze Runner
Valeria Hernandez Araya



Due date: 1st of October

1st Semester, 1st Quarter

The Setting of the story "The Maze Runner" is a place called the Glade.
The Glade is where a group of scientists send them to live.

It doesn't say when the story takes place.
The main conflict in the Maze Runner is that they were trapped in a place that they didn't know, and they found out that they were in an experiment of some scientists. And they were trying to get out of there by the maze
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