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Mr. Hendricks

No description

Javier Serna

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Mr. Hendricks

Mr. Hendricks
By: Javier Serna, Arek Kouyoumjian
Mr. Hendricks used to be a spy and he worked for the military. He went to the Defense Language Institute.
What was your previous job?
What college courses did you take for your job now?
At the defense language institute he got spanish units.
How does stem have relevance in your job?
There was a lot of classified and unclassified and he had to use a lot technology to intercept information.
What was your favorite subject in school?
Favorite subject in school was English and it has relevance in his English teacher job.
Family in STEM
Cousin who is soldering. He has another programmer.
The End
First off a little info about spies
Spies in the military have a wide range of duties. Like Mr.Hendricks, some spies intercept radio signals to gather information about enemy forces or enemy battle plans. Some spies also called Espionage go into the battlefield and pose as enemy soldiers or captains for things like information, assassinations, and to gain the upper hand in battle.
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