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Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods

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Catherine Wang

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods

Disadvantages Genetically Modified Food GM Food Is Not Tested Enough For Humans To Consume GM Food Harms the Environment GM foods have the potential to damage the earth's ecosystem. It also creates herbicide resistant weeds. It sometime contributes to decreasing food security. An example is: it killed up to 86 % of frogs in one day because of the spraying of toxins to keep the GM foods healthy. GM foods will destroy the soil making it no longer useable. GM toxins found in the blood of unborn babies Toxins are implanted in GM food crops to kill pests, but it sometimes can reach the bloodstreams of humans. The worst part is it can reach the bloodstreams of unborn babies. A few doctors have done blood samples to prove this theory. They took samples from 30 pregnant women . 93% (28 put of 30) of the blood samples were tested positive for Bt ( a residue from pesticides). 80% of the toxin was found positive from umbilical cords. GM food has little known benefits, it is also not monitored in a significant or consistent matter. Many people believe there should be more tests done for safety. GM foods also is known to increase toxins and allergens in food. GM Food Industry is Growing Millions of acres of land in North and South America are planted with GM corn including the toxins. Many farm livestock are fed in vast qualities of GM corn. Including Britain. This contaminates the animals. Even if you don't consume Gm foods the meat you eat can be contaminated. Gm Food Does Harm To Future Generations GM foods can harm the unborn child. It can cause the child to have allergies, abnormalities and it can also can create miscarriages. It doesn't only harm people it also harms animals. Birth defects in birds and amphibians, as well as cancer, endocrine disruption, damage to the DNA, reproductive, and developmental damage in mammals. Even at very little doses. Causes trouble for farmers Many farmers don't want to plant GM food seeds but their neighbor may plant GM food crops and might blow seeds into their crops. Or the pollen was carried by wind. When it contaminates your crops you now have to plant GM seeds and work for Monsanto (GM food company) because the GM seeds “belong to them” Power Monsanto is one of the biggest GM food company. Monsanto's wants to maximize its corporate profits, not to help the people. The Entire seed-and-herbicide business is designed to trap farmers in a system to turn them into servants who can never return to traditional farming after their soil has been destroyed Conclusion GM foods are not good.. They are not tested enough, GM foods also harm the environment,create toxins and are found in the blood of unborn babies. GM foods harm future generations. And day by day GM foods are growing. It causes trouble for farmers and keeps them trapped in Monsanto's rule forever. And lastly gives power to companies that are up to no good. In conclusion I think GM foods are not good in any means.
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