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New Imperialism ABC book!

ABC book of the New Imperialism

shakeela mohammad

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of New Imperialism ABC book!

A The American Spanish War The Spanish American War was a conflict in 1989 between the Spanish and United States. The Americans defeated the Spaniards. B The Berlin Conference The Spanish American War was a conflict in 1898 between the Spanish and Untied States. The Americans defeated the Spaniards. The Berlin Conference was a conference that discussed European colonization and trade. It was held in 1884 to carve up Africa. I Imperialism Imperialism is a policy of extending your rule over foreign countires. Africa was one of the imperilised countries. W White Man's Burden The White Man's Burden was Britian were very racist against the Afericans and said they needed to become civilized. The white man's burden means that the British has to '"carry" the Africans to a civilized place. C Cawnpore Massacres Cawnpore was an East India Company trading center on th upper Ganges River. Nana Sahib and his military attacked the ship with British women and children. India didnt like Britian taking over so they had to do something to get back at the British. H E Era Meiji The Era Meiji was the period when Japan modernized. Emperor Meiji created the Meiji Resteration which were rules for Japan and he brought change to Japan fast. K Kanagawa Treaty The Kanagawa Treaty was Japan's first treaty with a Western nation. Commender Matthew C. Perry sailed into the Tokoya Bay and demanded that the Japense open their ports to U.S. ships for supplies. P Perry C. Matthew Commodre Commodore Matthew C. Perry was a commander of the United States navel forces. He made Japan sign the Kanagawa Treaty. R Russo-Japanese War The Russo-Japanese War was between Russia and Japan. Japan won the war and Russian commender, General A.N. Kuropatin broke off the fighting. Hindu beliefs The cow is sacred to the Hindus. They are not allowed to eat cow and they belief that cows are one of their gods. N Nana Sahib Nana Sahib was a patriot and was the leader of the Cawnpore Mutineers. He held a grudege against the British and killed British women and children to get back at Britian. S The Sepoy Rebillion The Sepoy Rebillion was when the soilders went on a strike and refused to fight because they found out the British put cow and pig grease in the rifles. Muslims are against eating pigs and the cow is sacred to the Hindus. The Sepoy Rebillion united people of Indian origin. D Devil's Wind The Devil's WInd was when the British hung people on wheels and pulled them apart. The British did this to the sepoys after the Sepoy Rebellion. F Foot Binding Foot Binding was in China. Women beleived having small feet was attractive. They would wrap their feet tight so it would get smaller. This was dangerouse because all the bones in the feet would break. O Opium War The Opium war was between the British and China. By 1839, 12 million Chinese were addicted to Britian's opium. The Chinese petitioned Queen Victoria to stop the trade of opium but she didnt care. Therefore, the Chinese navy attacked the British merchant ships but they lost because British had advanced ships then the Chinese. B The Boxer Rebellion The Boxer Rebellion was a secret Kung Fu society that hated foreigners. They were also known as the "Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists." The Boxer Rebellion was similar to the Sepoy Rebellion, they both had the same goal. Y Yixian Sun Yixan Sun helped overthrow the Dynasty. He was very smart and stressed nationalism. Sun united China. Journalism Yellow J Yellow Journalism is a type of journalism that presents little well-researched news. It exaggerates news events. M Monroe Doctrine The Monroe Doctrine stated that Europeans cannot colonize Latin America countires. This caused the Spanish-American War, and the U.S. helped Cuba get independence. U United States The United States was on Latin America's side and helped them gain their independence. The U.S. helped to get Cuba's independence from European.
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