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Outsiders Loyalty

No description

Ashley Haskell

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Outsiders Loyalty

ACT OF LOYALTY #2 ACT OF LOYALTY #3 ACT OF LOYALTY #4 THEME: LOYALTY THE OUTSIDERS "You take up for your buddies no matter what they do" -Ponyboy (Pg. 26) ACT OF LOYALTY #1 Throughout the story, the Greasers show their loyalty towards each other through multiple acts. A soc attempts to drown Ponyboy in the fountain at the park. In distress, the boys go find Dally. Ponyboy shows his loyalty to Johnny when he runs away with him, even though he was not the one who committed the crime. Johnny and Ponyboy go to a drive in movie with Dally. At the movies, the boys meet Cherry. Dally harasses Cherry and makes her angry. Ponyboy and Johnny stand up for their friend Dally, even though his actions were not the best. "He's tough, but he's a cool old guy." -Johnny (pg. 26) "He'd leave you alone if he knew you" -Ponyboy (Pg. 26) Johnny is very brave and saves Ponyboy by killing the soc with his knife. "I had to. They were drowning you Pony. They might have killed you." -Johnny (pg. 56) As a loyal friend, Dally helps the boys. "There's an old abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain. There's a pump in back so don't worry about water. Buy a week's supply of food as soon as you get there- this morning, before the story gets out, and then don't so much as stick your noses out the door. I'll be up there as soon as I think it's clear." -Dally (pg. 64) The boys catch a ride on a train. For a week, Ponyboy stays with Johnny in the church. "We gotta get outta here. Get somewhere. Run away." -Ponyboy (pg. 57) BY: ASHLEY HASKELL
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