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Group Math Project On Percent Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hi!!!!!!!!

All about percent of change and the magical adventures that go along with it!

Box Of Otters

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Group Math Project On Percent Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hi!!!!!!!!

Chapter 2.10 Percent of Change Percent Change: The ratio of the amount of change to the original amount.
-percent change= amount of increase or decrease/original amount. Notes! Percent Increases: if a new amount is greater than the original amount.
Percent Decrease: if a new amount is less than the original amount.
Amount of increase=new amount-original amount
amount of decrease=original amount-new amount Practice Problems! Eleanor bought 2 shirts with an original price of $13.95 each, a purse for $35 and 2 pairs of jeans originally $17.05 each. The Store had a sale that took $50 off every $120 purchase. What was the percentage of the discount? Payton goes cherry picking. On her cherry picking expedition, she picks 2,957 cherries. If she eats 548 cherries, what percent of the cherries are left? Liam and Danielle went on a date to a very exclusive McDonalds, They have $7382.69 to spend. If they spend $1,762.52 what percent did they spend? 20/97=x/100
x=20.61 2,957-548=2409
x=81.5% 7382.69-1762.52=5620.17
100-76.126=23.9 Bonus Problems Gianna buys a Pat N' Sniff sweater, in Kraft Mac and Cheese scent. The sweater was only $20. The original value is $80, what is the percent decrease? Josh is buying a basket ball hoop. He didn't pay attention and payed $786.75. If the actual value of the hoop was $123.50, what was the percent increase? By: Gianna Agostino
Emily Longmore
Payton Miller
Josh Kloc
Calvin Hathcock
Brittany Polburn
Jordan Youance Video
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