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career shadow

career shadow

shaquilla Murray

on 11 November 2010

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Transcript of career shadow

Career Shadowing by: Shaquilla Murray I did a career shadowing project on family worship center kid zone center
this company is for teaching kids about holy thing and usin the bible wods and makin it easier to understand I think that this company will be competing
with other compaines and thier rates will
be higher with a staedy future be a little
more succesful The employability skills that are needed to work for this company is social skills and a great and paiteint attitude towards to the customers. You also have to be dedicated to your work and be a hrd worker. the average salary you can get from depends on what part of the station you work in but mostly you attitude and how you work with the customers Technology used in this job in everything they store they data on the computer make learning papers on a computer use the phone to talk to them, and more. the thing i dont like about this job is that its a very long shift and very hard to learn how to do it . But the thing i like is the great company with a positive future i would not pursue a job like this because it seems like alot of work and a whole lot of paper work you have to deal with alot of children The end
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