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Current Events

Current events project

James Gillingham

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Current Events

Multicultarism: Current Events Proponents Dissidents Multiculturalism is.... History of Multiculturalism Arguments Pro Against Cameron's speech Multiculturalism should be promoted. Tariq Modood, a professor at Bristol University in England, recently offered a foil to David Cameron's speech in an article he wrote for the Guardian, decrieing Cameron's speech as having "very little practical content". In his article, Mr. Modood explained a need to create "positive identities" among ethnic groups in order to promote cohesion and establish a new national identity. Momood's stance is a shrinking one as more and more westerners embrace monoculturalism. Assimilation is the only option Nationalism America Multiculturalism today? Turkey's entrance to the EU
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