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Commercial Fishing Industry

No description

Glasha Ermakova

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Commercial Fishing Industry

What is the issue ???
The issues:







How does fishing impact the economy
What is the economic value
How are the natural systems affected by human activity?
Where is it occurring?
Commercial Fishing Industry
By: Glasha Ermakova
-Overfishing (catching too much fish, or more than needed)
-Bycatch (catching something other than edible or needed fish.)
-Discards ( Putting bycatch back in the ocean)
-Habitat Reduction (accidentally
damaging the habitat on the
bottom of the ocean
Overfishing is mostly occurring in the places where people can legally do commercial fishing. Most canadian commercial fishing happens in the pacific ocean
One of the licensed places is British Columbia coastal areas. Another is called food and bait herring gulf.
There are also 6 different regions commercial fishing can occur: Pacific, Central and Arctic, Quebec, Gulf, Maritimes and Newfoundland and Labrador
Thank-you for Listening :)
Fish are very important as food for the industry, since it is a very popular food product. Commercial fishing creates a lot of jobs that don't require much education.
They also create by-products that is not just used as fish meat. These products include: Fish oil, fish food (for home-kept or zoo fish in aquariums.), fertilizers, and isinglass.
Some fish prevent diseases by eating mosquitoes or the eggs that they lay in the water, therefore preventing malaria and other dangerous disisases that come with insects.
Natural systems include landforms, vegetation and wild life. Since most of fishing occurs underwater, the landforms is not impacted because as the process of a boat dragging a net underwater does not damage the underwater floor.
Although, wildlife is impacted with this fishing method as there is a lot of bycatch that comes with the fish and that removes some of the oceans wildlife that wasn't meant to be.
Underwater vegetation is impacted a little bit, as there are less living fish living underwater, therefore there aren't many consumers for the vegetation .

What is the government's role in this industry?
There are many regulations
The Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for managing the fisheries of the Great Lakes.
the DFO is responsible for environmental sustainability, economic viability, and
the inclusion of stakeholders in decision-making processes.
The DFO also...
Different perspectives on the commercial fishing issues
How does Canada share this resource??
There are many issues connected with this industry, but I will be focusing on mainly overfishing and bycatch
The DFO is also responsible to make sure that there is fostering sustainable resource use, promotion of Canadian conservation interests internationally, allocating fishery resources, respect of Aboriginal and treaty rights,
enforcement of the Fisheries Act, and
regulating the use of fishery resources.
There are many different perspectives people have on this industry. Scientists think that if the fishing continues at this rate, then the industry might collapse. Economists and conservationists say we will need to employ sustainable fishing practices, so fishing won't be banned and the fish can still sustain a natural and healthy lifestyle.
Solutions to overfishing
Canada's fishing resources mostly come from Ontario's great lakes. The great lakes have a really large supply of fish that get's imported to the United States of America. USA gets most of their resource of commercial fishing from Canada because it's the closest country that has a fishing industry that big, and has a great trading relationship with at the same time.
One of the solutions to overfishing is to reduce the amount of places that legally allow commercial fishing and take away the right to do it to poeple who disobey that law. You can also help by not buying too much fish, or fish that are close to being in the danger of extinction, so the prices will go up and maybe reduce the amount of commercial fishing on that type of fish.
Solutions to bycatch
There aren't many solutions to bycatch, as where there is overfishing, there is bycatch so the solutions to both problems are in a way, the same.
One solution to bycatch could be to improve the fishing gear and modify it in a way that speciaes that aren't intended to be caught in the nets won;t be caught or may be able to escape if such thing happenes. Another could be to avoid areas that might have endangered species or unwanted marine life and not risl the possibility of catching them.
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