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Prom Proposal

No description

Letupu A'asa

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Prom Proposal

Prom Proposal
More Security
More Equipment (tables, chairs, decorations)
project plan
The cause to us wanting to have prom at a different location is that we want a bigger space where it'll cause us to have a bigger dance floor, and to have a bigger place to decorate to make the night more memorable. Also, students think and I quote, "Its nice to leave the school and go somewhere elegant!"

It effects us by losing numbers in students who want to go to prom. Therefore, we make less money which resides to having no prom at all.

: Denai'na Center
Main Point
: We are trying to have East's High
Prom at a different location
Better Experience
More space
Something new
East High has had their prom at a different location in the past. Many students don't life the fact that our prom is at our school, which causes them to not attend. Prom is supposed to be a special occasion, especially for our seniors, so we should strive to make it better this year!
Dena'ina Center
600 W 7th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501
Floor Plan
Six sections
Section A & B - 13,455 ft
768 guests
Have A Great Christmas Break!
- donations, activities, small events
- photo booth, food, drinks
budget wisely
- make deals, necessities only
- ask others for help, connections
make it known
- get people involved!
overall price - $4,500
(DJ, food, drinks, rentals)
tickets - $50, 90 guests
tickets - $40, 113 guests
tickets - $30 - 150 guests
- c/o 2015 : 435 students
a. It was the topic we felt the strongest about with given ideas.
b. Members of prom committee last year,
Bartlett students that attended prom at Denai'na Center last year

c. Denai'na Center website - spacing, costs, DJ
d. Terrace cost - $1,500
e. Make sure your researched information is current & accurate
f. Yes, future references
g. It's important for everybody in your group to do their job.
h. time management
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