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Neville Brody

No description

Cheyenne Manning

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Neville Brody

- Born April, 23, 1957

-Famous for his record covers, magazine art direction and typography
Why is Neville Brody important ?
Creative Process
Neville Brody
Who is Neville Brody ?
"People think that digital language is a fixed language, but it’s not: it’s very fluid. It’s like I’m doing a painting."
The Face and Arena Magazine Covers – Designed throughout the late 80s
Cabaret Voltaire Record Cover – Designed in 1984
The face magazine "Bounce" (1988)
-A brand strategy for Nike

The contents spread from The Face (1982 May edition)

Inside spread from The Face (1982 May edition)
"FUSE" (1991)
-Launched by Neville Brody and Jon Wozencroft

Insignia: Hip, Cutting-Edge Sans with an Attitude
-Designed as a headline face for Arena magazine in 1986, and released as a font by Linotype in 1989

Industria: Multi-Purpose, Killer Condensed Sans

-First designed for a magazine called The Face, Industria was released as a font by Linotype GmbH in 1989

Arcadia: Art Deco Styling

-Used for the banner in Arena magazine in 1986, and released as a font by Linotype GmbH in 1990

FF Blur Typeface
– Designed in 1992


“I see my role,” he says. “Partly as a catalyst for thought and for questioning. A lot of our work is an open-ended statement which often is not completed until the person who looks at it has reached his or her own conclusion.”
“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries. It is like a clay sculpture that is always being twisted into new shapes without ever being fired.”
"Design is more than just a few tricks to the eye.
It’s a few tricks to the brain."

"Typography is a hidden tool of manipulation within society."
- Attended College at the London College Of Printing
- Was inspired greatly by early 80s Punk movement
- Founder of Research Studios and Fontworks
- Contributor to FUSE
- Changed the way graphic designers approached the medium
- Created many modern and experimental typefaces
- Pioneered the use of digital methods ex. the computer
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