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David Tutera

No description

GV Computer

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of David Tutera

fact 1: David Tutera
fact 2: Inspiration
David created an event planning business at age 19 after encouragement from his from his grandfather who was a florist.
fact 3: His job
fact 4: designer collection
David Tutera has his own collection of dresses and accessories
fact 5: his marriage
David is gay he was married to Ryan Jurica then they got a divorce because of his show.
David Tutera
He was born in April 23 1966 so he is now 47 he was
born in Port Chester, New York.

David Tutera works on a show called My Fair Wedding With David Tutera which is a wedding planner show with fashion designing.
When David was married to Ryan he had 2 kids a girl
and a boy the girls name was Cielo and a boy which was Cedric.
Fact 6 : kids
Fact 8 : divorce
David Tutera got a divorce and when he did he got to kept his biological daughter Cielo legally.

Fact 7 : Relationship
Davids relationship with his husband Ryan was getting torn apart after 10 years.
Fact 9 : TV show
Davids main reason for his show is to take horrible thought out weddings and take there theme and make it in to a night to remember and it will just take you breath away.
Fact 10 : law suit
One New York couple sues David Tutera because he was a no show for the wedding so this couple had to set up the whole wedding day up by themselves. But after David didn't show up he charged them the triple amount of the payment that they owed when he was a no show and there was no flowers, cake or invitations.
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