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Female's role in William Shakespeare's plays

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Celia Navarro

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Female's role in William Shakespeare's plays

Female roles in
William Shakespeare's plays General characteristics Much ado about nothing Conclusions Types of female in Shakespeare's plays The Bawdy Women

The Tragic Innocent Women

The Scheming Femme Fatal

The Witty, but unmarried Women

The married women

Women who dress as a man

Falsely accused of Adultery Shakespeare’s presentation of women in his plays demonstrates his feelings about women and their roles in society:

Women had less freedom than male in Shakespeare's Time.

Some might say Shakespeare was sexist, because he showed how strong and independent women must be controlled by a man in order to be happy.

we can find characters who fit the traditional stereotypes-- evil and manipulative like Lady Macbeth.

High-born women are presented as “possessions” to be passed between fathers and husbands. In most cases, they are socially restricted and unable to explore the world around them without chaperones. These women were controlled by the men in their lives.


Beatrice main female character

Strong personality

Change of roles during the play

Men’s roles We think that women in William Shakespeare plays are really important because he gave them an important role.

He knows how to treat them and he try to understand theirs feelings.

He has many examples of women like Juliette, Lady Macbeth, Beatrice, Catalina…

Finally, we also think that according to his time Shakespeare was a liberal person. Index:
Isabel E. Gallizo Barrado
Ana Guerrero Sobradiel
Celia Navarro Supervía General characteristics

Types of female characters in Shakespeare's plays

Example- Much ado about nothing

Conclusion On the other hand, if we look at Shakespeare's time and its attitudes about the proper role of a woman (to be a submissive wife who obeys her husband), some characters display qualities like confidence and determination:

Cordelia is respected by her husband, has a strong sense of ethics and refuses to lie.

In his sonnets, Shakespeare attributes positive qualities to the woman he loves.

Shakespeare allows lower class women more freedom to explore their sexuality. However, women are never totally free in Shakespeare’s plays: if not owned by husbands and fathers, many low class characters are owned by their employers.
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