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The effect of Social Media on Women's Body Image

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Lori Menard

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of The effect of Social Media on Women's Body Image

With the increasing influence that the media has in our daily lives, it is clear to see that more and more people are suffering negative effects from being constantly exposed to images of the "ideal" body. This can cause people to have a negative perception of their body image, and even develop eating disorders.

Do we have a problem?
“Across movies, magazines, and TV programs, thin-ness is consistently emphasized and rewarded for women and thin TV characters are over-represented while overweight characters are underrepresented.”
In 2008 Psychologists from the
Psychological Bulletin
did a study called "The role of the media in Body Image Concerns among Women: The Meta-Analysis of Experimental and Correlational Studies"
Used experimental methods in order to test if women feel worse about their bodies before exposure to thin media models than after exposure to other types of images.
With their research we could clearly see that exposure to mass media depicted the thin-ideal body, which may be linked to body image disturbance in women.
Literature Review
These women all have the same body weight.

We need to try to build a healthy society and the only way to achieve this is by decreasing the negative impact the media has on females.

Research Statement
Lori Menard and Kevin Bernillon
The Effect of Social Media on Women's Body Image
Method: Survey (interviews).
Need to know what women think about social media effect, ask questions in person.
We will explain the purpose of our research to our participants.

Research design: case study
We aim to find a relationship between our 2 variables.
"What is going on our society? ".
Qualitative research : the collection of our data includes numbers, observations, and feelings.

Research Proposal
Research Proposal Cont'd
"Two thirds of girls and 4/10 boys suffered some level of anxiety about putting on pounds" (Huffpost Lifestyle, 2014)
Females aged between 12-24.
12 because young girls begin to be conscious about how society will judge them.
24 because its the age when women generally finished school and want a stable life. The difference in both age groups will help us have concrete results about how young women are perceived in our society.

"Young women are associated with their endorsement of the thin beauty ideal as their personal goal."
In 2012 Eleni-Marina Ashikali and Helga Dittmar published a study which appeared in the British Journal of Social Psychology.
Study conducted in 2002-2008.
They state that "Body dissatisfaction in young women – identified as potent and consistent in a range of mental and physical health problems."
Literature Review
Female Body
Independent variable

Dependent Variable
Mode of Research: The mode of research for this Research paper is to explore and describe the subject.

Hypothesis: The media effects woman’s body image.
Sampling Technique
Non-random sampling procedure
2 groups; 1st is the group of underweight women, the 2nd group is overweight women (Body Mass Index)

Research Proposal
Results found are concrete on how women are perceived.
Results prove that females who tend to be judged by society, result in women wanting to be close to perfection.

Studies have already been conducted
Interviews are reliable because the subjects say exactly what they think.
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