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Untitled Prezi

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Kyle Dewalt

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

You have already reached your first
goal of selecting a research topic in the
field of diversity! You have also researched
your topic and used one of the most
effective writing strategies: OUTLINING.

Outlining allows you to organize your
essay content before you actually start
writing your paper- makes your
job easier! Now that you know the facts and
have your outline completed, you can
work on starting your research paper.

How often have you read a piece of
writing and found yourself bored and
disconnected? The reason is that the
writer did not start the paper
with a form of an ATTENTION-
GETTING DEVICE. Now that we know what an attention-
getting device is, let's look at some basic examples of these devices.

Ex: What would you do if you could no longer drive your car to school or work? How would you survive?
(Questioning strategy)

-How would this grab the
attention of your reader?
-Could this technique work
for your paper? Now that we have worked to identify what an attention-getting device is, let's put this knowledge to use in your own research paper!

Using your own outline and research topic information, take a few minutes to write your first sentence to "grab" the attention of the reader.

-Volunteers to share?? Attention-Getting Devices: Successfully Reaching Your
Writing Goal Step #3 Step #2 Step #1 Step #4 Dewalt What is an Attention-Getting Device?? An attention-getting device is used in writing to draw the attention of your reader.

It will make one want to continue to read your paper because you appealed or "grabbed" their attention by means of sympathy, emotions, or logic. It is also referred to as a "hook."

Essentially, you want your reader to feel the same way you do in regards to the topic.

For your research paper, your overall goal is to "eliminate misconceptions/stereotypes OR to promote tolerance and understanding regarding a specific issue."

Therefore, if you have an effective attention-getter to start your paper, you will have a better chance of winning the support of your audience. Example #2 "Learn to laugh" is what my first grade teacher Mrs. Weisen told me when I became overly frustrated with my friend Tyler. She noted my frustrations and with her advice, I learned to "laugh" at quite a few things in life... Example #3 LCCC is a local community college that is not only local, but also quite affordable. Many people find that the traditional four year college is not always what they are looking for, so it is great to know that there are other options available to students young and old. Now that you have
your paper started, the next step to climb is writing a thesis.

Only a few steps remain after the thesis till you reach your final goal of writing an A+ research paper!
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