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Microsoft Office One Note

Features of Microsoft Office One Note

Jade Claughan

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft Office One Note

Getting Started With About Notes More @ One Note Pages Notebooks are for grouping your sections.
Each notebook can hold many sections. Pages are where you actually create your notes. Write, type, and draw on pages just as you would on paper, and create more pages whenever and wherever you need them. One Note is an idea processor, a notebook, an information organizer — some even call it an "add-on pack for your brain". All notes in One Note are organized into notebooks that contain sections. Sections in turn contain pages. Sections keep pages of a similar subject grouped together. Each section can hold many pages Sections Note Books One Note can help if you need to:
· Make sure you don't lose any information that you think is important
· Organize scraps of information that don't fit well into e-mail, calendar, or formal documents
· Gather and refer back to notes from meetings or lectures
· Collect research from the Web or other sources and annotate it for yourself or others
· Keep track of what you need to do next and not miss anything
· Work closely with other people on a project sharing notes and files Take notes of many types >>Lists
>>Hand Writing
>>Drawing Toolbar
>>Internet Research It's easy to create lists:
Bulleted lists for random thoughts
In many different styles
Even nested outlines

1. Create numbered lists
2. Use them for step-by-step notes You can paste pictures into your notes, including clip art and digital photos Pictures Lists Briefly One Note is a POWERFUL organizational tool! Tables You can store information in Tables
It's easy and simple dealing with Tables
>> Press Tab and we can create a new column for the row
>> Press Enter and we can create a new row Hand Writing >>One Note allows you to add handwritten notes or drawings to your page.
>>You can draw or write using a desktop or laptop computer with a mouse or stylus.
>>You can also draw or write on the page surface of a Tablet PC. Drawing Toolbar >>You can make diagrams using the Drawing Toolbar.
>> Every Time while we note down the information we might come across cases drawings can express more than a written info. In such cases drawing toolbar is more helpful.
>> Option of Lasso select is available to edit drawings and move parts of drawings. Internet Research Have you ever taken notes about something you’ve seen on the Internet, and later wondered where you found the information?

You’ll love this. Capture screen shots of what you see on the Web or in programs that you work with.

Press Window logo( ) key + S while in any program or browser Gather screen clippings How to organize notes Start with one or two notebooks Create sections by project or topic Use the Unfiled Notes section when in doubt Change your organization over time Move pages/sections inside a section/notebook and across sections/notebooks Using your Notebook to its fullest potential Too many sections/pages accumulated can be grouped to nest a multi-level hierarchy of sections/pages Search Your Notes >>One Note can quickly find typed text, handwritten notes (if they were written on a Tablet PC), and even text inside pictures!!
>>And also let us extract the text inside the picture. Calculator You can quickly calculate numbers and basic mathematical functions during a meeting or while taking notes for yourself. 670/12=55.8333 14*$39.99=$559.86 Hyperlinks In addition to creating regular hyperlinks that point to the Web (Insert > Hyperlink), you can create hyperlinks to any part of your notes (a notebook, a section, a page, or even a specific paragraph or a word or a phrase).
You can even paste the link outside OneNote. For example, you can send the link to others in an e-mail. They can click it to jump to your notes (if the notes are in a shared notebook). Integrated with Other Applications & Programs Integrated with all Microsoft Office programs Attach files to your notes You can store documents and other files directly on a One Note page, which comes in very handy if you are trying to keep project files and project notes all in one place. Send to Word One Note is great for gathering your thoughts before you are ready to create a final or formal document. Collect your ideas and flesh out your thoughts by using the flexible and unrestricted page layout in One Note. Excel and PowerPoint integration When you receive a PowerPoint presentation . You can then:
Add your own notes and circle interesting points using drawing tools or a pen
Annotate the printout with comments and then e-mail the One Note page back to the presenter. Copy selections from Excel when you need to include tabular information with your notes for a project Note: Content printed or imported from Excel or PowerPoint is not synchronized with the original file. Insert files as printouts You can insert full-color, searchable printouts of any file type that your computer can print. You can then type, draw, or handwrite on top of the printout picture in One Note. Two ways to insert a printout:
Click Insert > Files as Printouts in OneNote.
Or use the File > Print command in another program and select "Send to OneNote 2007" as your virtual "printer." Save & SaveAs There is no Save Option in One Note. One note automatically saves the notes every 3 secs. So, there is no fear of loss of data Side Note You can use Side Note feature in One Note when you are mainly working in a different program but want to capture your thoughts or copy some information into One Note. You can select and drag text or images into a Side Note from other programs. Side Notes are great for:
· Collecting information while browsing the Web
· Making quick notes (like small sticky notes) when you are on the phone, or someone stops by to talk about an issue.
· Writing down your thoughts while reading a document, Web page, or an e-mail message
· Copying reference data into One Note while looking through presentation slides Tag important notes >>Use Tags to easily find important items buried in your notes. To see tags from all notebooks, click View > All Tagged Notes.
>>Tag meeting decisions, ideas, definitions, key points, billable hours, questions, people's names, books to read, etc. If you don't have Outlook for task management, you can use check-box tags to track tasks.
>>We can see lists according to tags while searching through our notes. Page templates One Note page templates can enhance the look of your pages and can help you avoid retyping common information across pages. You can use any of the designs included with One Note or you can create your own. Multiple computer support If you’re frequently on the go, you can use your notebooks across several computers. This is useful to you. One Note Mobile If you have a Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphone or Pocket PC, you can use the OneNote Mobile program to take notes on your mobile device and then synchronize these notes Live sharing session In a live sharing session, several people can simultaneously work on the same note pages, as if writing on a whiteboard in a conference room. After the session ends, every participant is left with a complete copy of the notes.

All you need for a live sharing session is an Internet connection. Audio and video recording To capture the details of an important meeting, lecture, interview, or even a phone conversation, you can create audio and video clips and store them as part of your notes. Note: As with any type of recording, you should always ask others for permission before you record your conversations with them. Password protection One Note allows you to password protect any section of your notes. When you assign a password to a particular notebook section, the information in that section is strongly encrypted (using the 3DES encryption standard). Make Memorizing Information Easier Sometimes, simply storing information in our computers isn’t enough – we need to store it in our brain, too! One great way to make yourself remember information is to review it, then test yourself on your new knowledge. Flashcards are great for this.
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