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Not Completed Yet!!!!

Mephiles Dark

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Sonic

Here is a list of movies
Sonic OVA
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Heroes
Sonic 06
Sonic Unleashed
Sonic Colors
Sonic Generations
Slide show by Izzy Agulara
Click-and drag
Check Out Amy Rose's Slideshow
Hope You Enjoyed
Videos Copyright SEGA and The Real Sonic Fan
Amy Rose's Channel:
http://prezi.com/user/Mc skely/

Sonic Lost World
Shadow The Hedgehog
Sonic And The Secret Rings
Sonic and the Black Knight
His Channel:
Movie Playlist:
Cast Of Movies (1999-2013)
Sonic: Ryan Drummond,Jason Griffith,Roger Smith
Tails: ???,???, Amy Palant, Kate Higgins
Knuckles: Bill White,???,Dan Green Chip:
Amy Rose: ???,Lisa Ortiz,??? Jet:
Dr.Eggman:???, Mike Pollock Wave:
Shadow: ???, Jason Griffith Storm:
Silver:???,??? Mephiles:Dan Green
Blaze: Bella Hudson,???
Rouge:???,Lacey Chabert
E-123 Omega:Madeline Blaustine
E-102 Gamma:???
Metal Sonic:???

Collabed With Amy Rose:
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