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Homicide Detective

No description

Alyssa lippincott

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Homicide Detective

Homicide Detective
Rochester, New York:
Finger Lakes Community College (Flcc)
Canandaigua, New York
Student to Teacher: 22-1
on/off campus
placement exam
still work at Rochester Regional Health in Clifton Springs
Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York
Student to Teachers: 32-1
on/off campus
placement exam
Article 3: How to become a Homicide Detective
If you want to become a homicide detective, you must first start as a police officer
When you are up for promotion, you'll first take a competitive exam. then you get to choose to become a detective.
you'll need a high school diploma
you'll need to be a good listener and a critical thinker
Homicide investigators collect evidence such as DNA and fingerprints at the crime scene.
Taking witness depositions
preparing and executing search warrants
Access and manage the crime scene
document the scene
canvas the area
University of South Florida-Tampa

A homicide detective is a member of law enforcement that coordinates murder investigations.
These detectives work with a team of
forensic experts to determine cause of
death and identify potential suspects.
Starting yearly salary: $45,000 - $68,000
Florida (Palm Beach gardens)
Average yearly salary: $55,000 - $83,000
Top yearly salary: $65,000 - $97,000
Starting yearly salary: $89,000 - $110,000
Average yearly salary: $73,000 - $133,000
Top yearly salary: $104,000 - $157,000
Students to teachers: 24-1
suburban area
Available housing-USF offers three building styles – each with its own advantages.
In-State: $21,410
Out-of-State: $32,324
Study abroad, undergraduate majors
ACT scores of 23 and above
SAT Scores: 1100 on a 1600 scale
Highschool GPA
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