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10 Things you did not know about me!

10 Things you did not know about me!

Madhumita Hota

on 4 October 2011

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Transcript of 10 Things you did not know about me!

10 Things you did not know about me! 7. Right now, I have about ... 17 pair of shoes 20 odd bags ... and about 16 soft toys.. :) 1. I am a diploma holder in Odissi dance,
and I also learnt Bharatnatyam as a kid. I gave my first dance performamce at the age of five. 2. I am also trained in music - Hindustani classical. I have completed certifications from Allahabad University. I won my first solo music competition at the age of 6! :) 3. During graduation, everybody said I was a miracle student....... I did miserably in class tests ... But I was the topper in my university for two consecutive semesters 4. I love having pets around ... 5. But of all the animals in the world ... And the one that amazes me the most is ... The Great White Shark! Number 6 ... and an interesting one! I CANNOT stomach alcohol ... But I am Addicted .... To TEA!!!! An aquarium full of fish Pet birds A Dog Rabbits! 8. Apparently ... I am a cleanliness freak! And I have about 15 more soft toys at my mom's place That's Me ! :) 9. I am a huge, huge, huge ... Cartoon and Anime fan!! Some of my favourites! 10. And last ... but not the least ... I completely Idolize Garfiled!!! All together under the same roof! 4 cats At one point of time, I had ... My absolute - absolute favourite .... Truely, Madly, Deeply ...
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